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I am a patient, laid back person who goes with life instead of against it, or I would love and like to think that I am. Indeed, though, by no means am I passive or even close to it. Rather, temperateness and aliveness works for me better than being totally passive and "cooperative" or...
Sometimes, like anyone, I get a hot, temperate head on my shoulders that has to be tempered with patience, understanding and tolerance of all situations. But, I do not let my rage get the best of me inwardly or outwardly, and I use that expression to my advantage also, here is how:
Surgery and medication have improved a great deal over the years, but not so primary health care, but if it has changed, it's for the worse.
God calls Moses up into the mountain where he remains for forty days and forty nights. Meanwhile the people below get restless.
Menopause is the cause of worry for many women. Doctors advocate hormone replacement therapy as a treatment for this. One needs to understand the pros and cons well before starting the treatment.
It is important to recognize symptoms of sleep apnea. Various kinds of apnea exist. This disease is treatable if one takes action quickly. This article is aimed at people who are totally unaware of this ailment. It shows the various treatments options available too.
Self-image is important to evaluate what direction we take in life. Especially when we begin the successful progress towards a worthy Ideal.
An awkward encounter in a doctor's office. Where a nurse walks in on a patient in an awkward moment.
An event or situation that some consider to be the worst thing that could ever happen may, in actuality, be the most wonderful kindness. It is a matter of perception.
I don't know if you like TV or not, just about anything goes there and you spend a lot of time each day in front of it not thinking about anything, just enjoying the show.
Do you really know about the Patient Health records and how they are managed?
How does the Patient Health Records and meaningful use 2 affect the way health care is given?
This page is about the importance of patience which is a great virtue
Many people still believe that drinking more water will solve many health problems , but the fact is that drinking water more than certain limits is bad for health !
Our second episode of the second series we have been writing about Love. So far so good, we want to know the significance of the statement "Love is Blind". If most of us are been asked the question "Is Love Blind?" What is our reaction? Do you believe Love is really Blind?
From previous series we have learnt what the stages and categories of Love are. Now after the attraction what next? What do you think? If you have been following this series and understanding it, subsequent ones would be easily comprehensible. Let's find out what next after the attrac...
Not all seeing is believing but when things vanish into thin air, one can't help but to think that there is more than meets the human eye.
Asthma can kill. Six years ago a man died because of negligence. A doctor was accounted for such action but it was never his fault. This is an incident considering the importance of every minute in a man’s life. Time is precious, waste not.
Getting here and there is an essence for our daily livelihood. For the sick and immobilized people it is extremely difficult to move around. Transferring patients and disabled people from one place to another place with proper safety demand more attention as many of them (both patient...
This page is about self esteem and its effects on individual social behaviors.
Women are representatives of God on the earth. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. It is the woman who decides the destiny of humanity. If woman’s characters are lost the whole humanity is lost.
Amid the chaos of the Second World War, a bomber pilot and young nurse fall in love while he recuperates. A short tale of reminicences, love and hope.
I would like to have my very own Great Dane and I don't mind spending for it. I just want to have my very own "Gentle Giant".
I always make one every year, and I always hope to fulfil it.
Giving senior citizens the bedpan is an important skill as a Certified Nursing Assistant especially at night when most sentinel events like falls are likely to happen it is better to just give the patient or resident the bedpan for safety and insurance reasons. Read on for more inform...
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