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Freedom does not mean the ability to indulge in our whims and fancies. It does not indeed refer to the ability to cater to all our worldly desires. Here's a deeper look at what it could really mean.
On this very special day, the republic day of India, this is my humble tribute to my motherland.
A patriotic poem about my country, India. It tells about the oneness that exists in the vastness.
This is a poem for my fellow Americans, but also for all those globally that have felt the scourge of terroism and the unimaginable grief of lost loved ones. Unfortunately, I wrote this with deep sadness in my heart. However, it was also a priveledge to write it; a priveledge I hold d...
A little snack for those who dig the bars. Have you ever been 86'd? I'll bet you have, you being a strong American with conviction as well as a cast-iron liver . . .
Hubert Humphrey soliloquy on Americanism is something every Tea Party "patriot" should read.
A look at USA military propaganda but in a different light. Speaking some of the values and belief of patriotic American's but referring to something completely different.
There is no other human activity that produces more profit for a very few than the activity of war. Wars are never fought for the reasons given to the people. Wars are fought for the sole purpose of generating huge profits for those who finance both sides of the conflict.
Patriotism is a feeling that should be present in every native of every country but talking about India, Patriotism lacks vastly here and should not be so.But what are the reasons that led to such circumstances in our country.
There are many things wrong in the world today. Singing America The Beautiful in different languages is not one of them.
Sarojini Naidu is a great name in the world of poetry. Her poems could be sung sweet, so she got recognition as nightingale.
a short anthology article for the honor and the loving memory of the Türkish founding father Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who passed away in peace on the 10th of November,1938
The United States of America is observing Memorial Day on the last Monday of May. People enjoy the national holiday in various ways. It is fitting to think of the main purpose of this day.
April the 23rd is St George's Day here in England. A day to celebrate everything English, and to acknowledge the Patron Saint of our country..but how did it all begin? Let me take you to a distant land of Dragons and Knights in shining armour, and fair damsels in distress..
Five thousand years of male dominated religion, culture, politics and economics has left the world in a mess. It is time to eliminate and move past that prevailing paradigm.
The need of the hour is a change in our lifestyle and focus on the right priorities. Whatever progress we make in scientific and technological fields will prove of little value if we do not have the basic for a fulfilling life - Peace of Mind. That requires an awareness of what motiva...
Veterans Day, observed on 11 November, has a great significance in life. It is quite different from other holidays. It should be an occasion to teach the growing generations the value of freedom and how the veterans of the country dedicated their lives to protect the human freedom.
Millions of patriots excitedly embraced martyrdom for India’s freedom. But, who are misusing it now?
There are consequences when a generation has everything handed to them on a silver platter. There are consequences when God is forgotten.
~come flyin’ around the corner~ridin’ your bad-ass machine~there’s a government plan~an eighteen wheeler u-turning~you twist your head~to tell your Harley baby goodbye~white line~white linin’~ hundred dollar bill~never know what happened next~
After the tragedy of September 11th 2001 I read a story in the local newspaper. It was about an elderly woman that made a quilt with all red white and blues ... She auctioned it off and the money went to help the families of first responders that had been killed... I was so inspired ...
Is the United States or any other nation today in a covenant relationship with God? What is the standing of the U.S.A. as a nation before God?
We all must have faith in something, and most especially we need to believe in ourselves.
Acrostic: " a composition usually in verse in which sets of letters (as the initial or final letters of the lines) taken in order form a word or phrase or a regular sequence of letters of the alphabet. A short story, in which each paragraph starts with a letter and these letters them...
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