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Have you noticed how some things in the Bible might be too sadistic to blurt out to children? Me too...
Why the songs of the sixties personified a troubled nation.
The U.S. death saddens fans as both celebrities and casts doubt on the continuity of one of the most successful franchises of recent times
I discuss the repercussions of taking the Bible literally and suggest that the church might find a better way of getting it's point across.
This is a song of myself poem (formatted off of Walt Whitman's Songs of Myself).
This poem was written in a flurry of passion, as the ideas came one after the other. It is about people in the Bible and history who showed a zeal for doing what God wanted.
Politics are as relevant today, as they were yesterday. In fact, political figures were told about in the Bible and many of their habits can still be seen today. Learn more about Herod Agrippa II in the Bible. and how we can learn from his mistakes by electing morally upright leaders ...
What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?
The voiced secrets of life is what we all need in order to enjoy an integrated and purposeful society, one that can make a stand to the ruins of history.
Feel let down? Feel betrayed? Feel dejected? Never feel low when you have lovely children around. Enter the world of a child and play 'child'. There is nothing in this world like a child. i choose, i love children.
The famed Historic District of Greenwich Village in New York City (known simply as “the Village”) is like no other cultural center in the world. Home to the Beat Movement, East Coast Hippies, as well hundreds of renown artists, musicians, writers, and philosophers, it holds a uni...
2nd in my I Never Told You series. Another older poem.
Paul, an octopus in a German aquarium, had correctly predicted results of matches involving Germany! This oracle octopus was a celebrity during FIFA world cup 2010!!
A brief analysis of the live performance styles of the band Led Zeppelin
A priest is supposed to be a follower of God. Why then is it that no one asks what God has to say on the subject of to marry or not to marry?
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