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It is very sad that from January, Wikinut had stopped paying its writers. The article asks questions whether there is any possiblity of payment in future?
How badly do you want the items that you're intending to buy at the store? Will you sacrifice your most precious commodity, your time, for it?
Never have your eggs in one baskets especially online, you never know when the website going to disappear or stop paying.
this is the reason why wikinut is greater than any other related site, wikinut ROCKS! while the other SUCKS
A good initiative was started in Coffee shop of Italy and Europe, the people are paying extra amount for additional coffee for a stranger. If the stranger approach the coffee shop and asks is there any suspended coffee, the shop is having that suspended coffee amount at the counter th...
This page is about spending and paying our debts, we must pay our debts to live a peaceful life.
An ATM machine at west London is issuing double currency to the card holders,people are rushed to the ATM to avail the excess benifit
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