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A study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the research arm and economic analysis of The Economist Group, investigated the safety in 50 cities around the world and produced a ranking to elect those that offer the best living conditions for its citizens.
Supernatural peace is an inner calm ~ supplied by our loving God ~ and Creator of the universe ~ that dominates the heart and mind in spite of unfavorable circumstances and conditions.
As time went on I was taking my first steps toward that better way, inching slowly away from my parents and their chaotic mess. I needed to find healing and through new friends and dreams God would accomplish His purpose for me. By listening to Him, I found myself learning the true me...
Now considered an unachievable ideal, I have spent many hours contemplating the true meaning of Peace and how it can be achieved. The following is another exploration into the spiritual side of our human existence. May it bring you some form of joy and perhaps some enlightenment. God ...
If you will commit yourself to Him ~ AND KEEP YOUR MIND ~ both its inclination ~ and its character ~ ON HIM ~ Your Creator will guard you and keep you in perfect and constant peace!
Another view on the recent US Government shutdown. What if we really could run leaner. Would we be able then to pay our bills?
How do you get rid of the gut-wrenching pain that terror activity brings, as it mars civilisation, marking it's spot with a final sense of brutality? Is there any hope left for mankind?
It has a short introduction of Dr. Zakir Naik's activities, his thoughts and his constant dedicaton towards spreading the right and truthful meaning of Islam which is th word of Allah, the word of Justice. In this process he had introduced a Islamic Smart phone known as Peace Mobile f...
My view on discrimination and the rights of the many nations of our world, rights that should be automatic, rights that should just be there.
In this world exists many religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and many more…… Different people believe in different religions. We have seen many past religious riots where people fight in the name of religion. They even force others to change their religion. My heart crie...
Where's is peace ...from within we need to search and express as an emotion... in moving commotion ...we call poetry edition
Cutting wires rust and fade into the earth to become a memory of madness in our brave new world, The end of a time, a time of such sadness, when life was so short but dead men were the beacon, When nights were so long and nights were so lonely that sleep was a dream, a dream of back ...
The Great War has ended and a man sits in quietness as the noise has gone as have the people. He ponders on his future.
What do we learn from the religious cleric who spend his lifetime uniting couples from different parts of the world through mass weddings?
We cannot measure the real value of peace of mind.
The poem conveys how our own griefs are ended when we help others.
Peace, is created through unity respecting differences and standing for each other
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