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We need Serenity in our lives to help face daily problems, and the Courage to accept what will be with the Wisdom to make the right decisions. Peace of mind, being courageous, and having wisdom is not always something that we possess. That is why we need to add prayer in order to make...
When you are busy talking you are too busy to hear what others are saying. The same applies when your mind is so preoccupied with thinking and analyzing. You can’t hear what you’re trying to tell yourself.
kneeling posture is not as important as our attitude, the appropriate way is to be honest and sincere, God loves a person who is open to correction, not a pious person or a know it all individual.
We are unable to come out of the rut of vicious circumstances we have created over time and most important is the inability to agree to disagree which is a hallmark of democracy and freedom. It is time to agree on the fundamentals to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps to better our c...
Despite working at different rates of speed for all goals, persistence is the chance killer as I shall show in totality in this article.
This started out as a potential poem but ended in a story. I had no clue the direction I was going in when I started, but I'm rather pleased about where my journey on this page took me. All of this is however fictional. I felt I should clear that up so that you aren't reading it think...
No matter what or where you are, you have the capacity to be a winner or a loser. Perfection is not required to be a winner, but honesty and rationality are required to be a real winner. This is that story.
Einstein and others have concluded time is an illusion and that past, present and future all exist simultaneously. I think that gives us another perspective to lead our lives with a spring in our steps that we have lived to tell the tale! We will forever be part of the humongous creat...
We are all made the same we by mother nature yet are divided in I, You,They,Them. I imagine a world on earth where we could be just "We".
The page is designed to a give message to spread peace everywhere in any way you can adopt. It is peace gives ideas for another welfare works.
Peace of mind? Can it ever really be obtained? Is it something real enough that we can reach towards, or is there actually something much deeper, and not so ephemeral as this, that is not as fleeting, but is actually always with us? Read on, and you might just find an answer or two ...
Being cheerful continuously is clearly a major challenge. However, it behooves us to learn to renounce underhandedness, disgraceful ways, and secret thoughts or desires to harm others. When one refuses to deal craftily and/or practice trickery. and begins to state the truth openly, c...
Supernatural peace is an inner calm ~ supplied by our loving God ~ and Creator of the universe ~ that dominates the heart and mind in spite of unfavorable circumstances and conditions.
No matter what they do, the forest will always be waiting for them with open arms, like a loving mother does.
this is a satirical look of how working from can be far from peace and leisurely way. Or how one work out well from home despite those 'distracting' impedance's.
Having your final wishes made known in writing and/or orally will make it a less stressful situation as your family goes through the grieving process.
One day I'll make it back back home where my heart is at.
A poem about pain that has deeply resonated with me my entire life. A release that has now created a positive awakening for me.
Don't waste valuable time worrying about what you're going to eat or what you will wear. Seek first His Kingdom. Then all these things ~ and more ~ will be added.
It is critical for your personal well-being to make a decision to allow peace to rule in your heart and life.
If you will commit yourself to Him ~ AND KEEP YOUR MIND ~ both its inclination ~ and its character ~ ON HIM ~ Your Creator will guard you and keep you in perfect and constant peace!
We need to live a peaceful and joyful life, because life is to short.
This is a guide on how to improve our self and turn into a better person and a good one.
Another view on the recent US Government shutdown. What if we really could run leaner. Would we be able then to pay our bills?
There is a long race for peace of mind and everyone wants to achieve it. The one who tries the slow and steady way, can easily win in the race for peace of mind.
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