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When you are busy talking you are too busy to hear what others are saying. The same applies when your mind is so preoccupied with thinking and analyzing. You can’t hear what you’re trying to tell yourself.
Written for my beautiful girlfriend, a poem about being lost and found again.
Its a Heaven on Earth. A soulful experience to relax the mind.
A study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the research arm and economic analysis of The Economist Group, investigated the safety in 50 cities around the world and produced a ranking to elect those that offer the best living conditions for its citizens.
This is a simple and short story about a quiet and beautiful day that happened near a big forest.
Supernatural peace is an inner calm ~ supplied by our loving God ~ and Creator of the universe ~ that dominates the heart and mind in spite of unfavorable circumstances and conditions.
a beautiful day has come It is a bright day... a beautiful day has come It is a bright day...
A short slam poem about trying to cope with panic attacks and what it feels like to have one
This poem is about my dream of being on a tropical paradise. This place is calm and peaceful.
Float with us on the quiet lake under a bowlful of twinkling stars. Feel the warm water on your skin.
As we raised our two boys we were determined to teach them how to be loving and kind to all those around them, including God's animals. We hoped to place good values in them that could be carried throughout their lifetime. God truly blessed all of our efforts as we tried to bring them...
Passion flower is an effective remedy for insomnia and other anxiety disorders. It has properties to relax the mind and induce good sleep.
Don't waste valuable time worrying about what you're going to eat or what you will wear. Seek first His Kingdom. Then all these things ~ and more ~ will be added.
my entire young life I dreamed of a paradise, a very beautiful place where life was peaceful and serene. Where equality and justice were brothers, a place where hate and judgement had to bow at the entrance and surrender or not enter paradise. Here in paradise we shared our wealth, ou...
If you will commit yourself to Him ~ AND KEEP YOUR MIND ~ both its inclination ~ and its character ~ ON HIM ~ Your Creator will guard you and keep you in perfect and constant peace!
This is a guide on how to improve our self and turn into a better person and a good one.
My travels to Israel as a Black Christian Woman and the historical and cultural depths I experienced.
Another view on the recent US Government shutdown. What if we really could run leaner. Would we be able then to pay our bills?
How do you get rid of the gut-wrenching pain that terror activity brings, as it mars civilisation, marking it's spot with a final sense of brutality? Is there any hope left for mankind?
It has a short introduction of Dr. Zakir Naik's activities, his thoughts and his constant dedicaton towards spreading the right and truthful meaning of Islam which is th word of Allah, the word of Justice. In this process he had introduced a Islamic Smart phone known as Peace Mobile f...
Western Visayas, Sapian Capiz. The sea food capital of the Philippines and a peaceful place to live. If you wanted to travel in the Philippines, why not visit our place. The people in this part of the country are a hospitable and friendly.
Where in this US of A can one go to vacation and not have to go back to work to recover? How about enjoying the 'silence' a small remote town has to offer. Sound good? Read on.
Love is what makes the world go round and good to be in ......we all need it ....but do we know what it really is ...and how to live it ?
I always find the evening to be one of my favourite times of the day when the sunlight is gently fading out and all is peaceful .....
In this world exists many religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and many more…… Different people believe in different religions. We have seen many past religious riots where people fight in the name of religion. They even force others to change their religion. My heart crie...
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