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Who invented the pen and when?! Story of one of the famous inventors
Our childhood is marked with instances, emotional periods, experiences that we never forget. I indulge in a bit of deja vu as I journey back to a time in my life, with eager eyes and a wistful soul I peered into my hopes and dreams.
This is a poem about writing skill when it comes to writing about your own thoughts and opinions.
This poem traces the life of a man from birth to death and questions what follows.
A poem asking whether trains smell or not. As a frequent traveller I do get put off by the unpleasantness of a train journey due to a variety of different odours.
A little bit of poetry every now and then lightens the heart, sharpens the emotions and fuels the need for possibly anything. That's the blessing and curse, for being a writer.
1.Thirty-five Years:This is a boundary monument of the hour of doom.Be afraid that this is only a joke to deceive oneself and others.I want to write the most beautiful picture scroll of the world. 2.Pen:Defy the fishy smell wind and rain.Only be afraid that pen is not sharp
If one experiences that the use of time or not many things come to oneself, then it is the lack of awareness of how to spend time more efficiently.
This is a poem representing the pen as poet's lover - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This write-up is to highlight the significance of pen, which is powerful that the sword -WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This poem concentrates on the strength of the Pen of an author - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
A personal poem regarding an imaginary pen. This literary piece was first published on my bubblews account.
Sometimes in life we may want to be like someone else ... but we are unique and have our own gifts to offer ...
A bright morning sun reflected off the everlasting hills and over blushing flowers, Then onto whispering trees heavy with fruit, over purling steams and dimpled lakes,
Incisive information you should know when purchasing pens
Just another one of my 'night time' writings. Seems I can get my thoughts flowing better then.
This page is about cherishing past incidents while seeing a thing.
This one I think everyone here can relate to.. We just have to get our ink out..enjoy
A poem about writing poetry, my thoughts on the subject, and the reason I wrote this is because it is in disagreement to a lot of writers.
A short poem about a shepherd who lost his sheep because of a broken gate and why it applies to all of us.
Still not managed to crack how to write a good essay? This is a guide to aid your writing experience, and can be used as a framing tool to engage the reader and produce a unique and potentially outstanding piece of work!
Pearls are different from gemstones in many ways. For example, pearls come from beneath water, whereas gemstones come from beneath the earth.
Most of the time we don't feel comfort writing, it's not our fault but choosing the wrong pen.
A silly yarn about three unusual knights who lived in florida many years ago.
Here is the story of Thomas Paine, A man who left England to become one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
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