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Here I desctibe a Penny Arcade Expo that gathered a group of gamers. They played and bought new games.
As of February 4, 2013, stores and businesses in Canada are no longer giving out pennies out as change. They can still accept the penny, but must pass them on to the banks when they do, for which the stores are credited the proper amount. This is causing some confusion for shoppers ...
My relentless attacks on Wikinut, my mother site, have finally boomeranged on me, a prodigal son.
A love poem about a special penny and what it represents. Please read on!
Sweets or lollies were part of the 1950s childhood culture. And, a penny was a small fortune for a child. Just how many sweets could you buy for a penny?
Canada is going to phase out the penny. The old saying of “A Penny for your Thoughts” will go the way of the dodo birds, and I wonder what we will call all the girls currently named Penny. Learn how and why Canada is phasing out their one cent coin
A poem expressing displeasure at the U S government's intention to eliminate the penny.
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