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What can be better than getting a quality pen to add an element of class to the everyday writing chores? The best thing about using a pen to write is that you don’t have to raise your voice in order to make your point or vision clear to the world.
Fountain pens are often regardard as outmoded technology, but recently there has been a upsurge in their use. The lack of any kind of physical discomfort when using them, their durability and the subsequent saving in expenditures, and most of all their ability to enhance self-express...
This essay is about how and why I write on the subjects that I do. It will also explain my joys for working as a writer.
This article will be about pens and pencils. Also, about how pens are better than pencils!
Going to school in the 1950's was very different from today. There was more discipline harder work and harder punishment.
Incisive information you should know when purchasing pens
When people living above you cause you upset what do you do. As I have written acceptance is the first law of spirit...not making the situation right just knowing it is the way it is. What to do...the very best you can no matter what....
This is verses of flowing thoughts with no rhyme. I hope writers and poets are inspired to write more.
Do you know Harrods? It’s a world-famous department store located on Brompton Road, London. Here you can buy almost everything you want.
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