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Patriot Day... Never Forget... 9/11. This is my tribute to the heroes and the fallen. The link on the first line will take you to an audio recording, as Pentagon is both poem and song.
With a 'defense budget' (the more accurate term would be 'war making budget') of over half a trillion dollars a year, preparing for and executing war in various 'hot spots' we create around the world is a mega-business that fills the pockets of the plutocrats.
A company called AeroEnvironment developed a new spy technology shaped like hummingbird. This spying robot even can fly sideways, backwards and forwards, as well as go clockwise and counter clockwise just like real hummingbird.
This page has included important links by Reni Sentana-Ries and Steve Kinsman. The pictures I have produced myself, and if you think the aggression against Iraq was warranted then look at these pictures of what happens when depleted uranium is dropped on a nation for the effects are d...
With the United States 2012 Presidential Election coming up, I challenge conservatives to read "The Absolutes: Freedom's Only Hope" during the month of September.
Bradley Manning is an American hero in the mold of Nathan Hale and Daniel Ellsberg.
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