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Communication is the key for everything that we do in our lives whether it is at home or in office. However, we don't really give much thought to it and most of the times, it is under-rated.
Whether you're happy or unhappy about something can sometimes depend solely on your perception of it. This is something I've known but forgotten again, until life recently reminded me of it.
Our perception of things is what truly makes us different. We were all born different. We are all that way for a reason. Only the creator knows the true reasons behind our differences.
We all want to win, but who loves to train. I can tell you what the training is in this synopsis and use this series of sections to work out exactly what I mean: To really win is to honestly do it without cheating, sneaky games, or self congratulatory meaningless actions. To really wi...
Despite working at different rates of speed for all goals, persistence is the chance killer as I shall show in totality in this article.
a great majority of people knows caring for others views but a very few know caring for view of the self. It appears we all for most of our lifetimes, remain busy in fashion parades for pleasing others.
a person usually has three images - his/her reality, projection and perception of another person. This does not allow any harmonious relationships of the person unless he/she harmonizes within him/herself.
An object is normally viewed to be what the viewer perceives about it. This is called a subjective perception about the object. Ideally speaking, an object must be perceived objectively without any subjectivity of the viewer.
Being part of the whole creative process is itself a blessing. We are just one among the species allowed to be part of the ride and how we play our role determines our legacy. We presume we are more aware of the process and that behooves us to play our part to the hilt - time indeed f...
The world we all cherish is within our cusp yet proves a mirage, remains elusive, when we continue to tread the beaten path away from truth. Creating trust leading to genuine bonding within humanity will lead us to the right path towards truth that alone can unite us. Falsehood will l...
Since the the beginning of the twentieth century, Hollywood has been at the forefront of the movie-making industry, and as such simultaneously created the 'Celebrity'. From Charlie Chaplin to Brad Pitt, these actors take on a persona in our world which leads us to perceptions about th...
Though we are aware that greed is negative, we are too caught up with the desire to accumulate wealth beyond our needs. We need a shift in consciousness to re-balance the way we assess a successful life to lead to a society of harmony.
Some examples of Extra Sensorial Perception I have analized with my narrow mind.
Yes we are paying a terrible price for our misconception of a better quality life
A poem about perception, For you to form a conception.
A personal journey that led me to discover a new reality with a new perception.
What a things all of us here have different expectation and thought about life
Were you aware that your natural hair color could herald your future? This article could give you some hints on what to beware!
Moving Day is a very dangerous day. Never forget the reach of thy might, thy formless flexibility, thy fluid flow eluding even a name, lest you make it so. Thou art but a muon; there and gone before thou couldst be known, but part of a greater whole.
Strength is powerful, powerful enough to lead you paths you never though were possible. I am talking about personal, inherent strength and love for yourself. At times you need to take a moment and reevaluate where you are, are you truly living or are you dead inside. Are you aware of ...
Emotions dominate perceptual flow. Their influence swiftly overpowers any and potentially all other processes occurring in a given mental state which coexist with innumerable bits of information perceived within that moment. Biologically, this logic flows from an evolutionary sta...
This articles explores how expectations effect our perception, consciousness and our experience of being. A technique is offered for the practice of excluding expectations to enhance perceptual purity.
Assumptions and their detrimental properties filter our perception, modify and restrict our natural mental processes. Learning to let go of assumptions is one of the keys to purifying perception.
Relieving your perception from restricting elements.....Part II of Purifying Perception focuses on the limitations of judgment.
Purify your perception, liberate your mind from thoughts and judgments about your self and your "reality"...the results will awaken your soul, enlighten you and expand your consciousness
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