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This poem of how we are after perfection and feel like we can not obtain it. and how the devil lies at us.
Justice is finally here and am super excited to see him again only that he came with a shocker......will I withstand this
This is all about a man who is real and will never do things that will hurt a girl's heart. This is all about a good man.
human perfection is just a human desire none can be perfect ever.
This young guy is in search of a lovely gal -----who has no blemish... But he forgets that he himself is not perfect ....Whats a perfect fit is...I still don't know ...but let the guy go slow ...and find one such a one for himself ....So an opportunity we must give him ----Thus th...
Happiness is a state of mind, and it doesn't come with swanky cars, luxurious homes or wealth. It comes from within.
I have reflection for today that every single creation on earth is actually perfect. It may not sound true but I guess there is a quality of perfection even in imperfect things around.
We are no where near perfect but should look to become perfect because we might meet Jesus and dismiss Him. And in doing this, we may lose our opportunity.
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