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This article is about something other than what we were tought.
This poem may be true to the world of humans .It tells about too much greediness of money and power.This greediness may resort to life's destruction.It also shares destruction of life due to endless wars.
No matter what or where you are, you have the capacity to be a winner or a loser. Perfection is not required to be a winner, but honesty and rationality are required to be a real winner. This is that story.
We all deny we have them. Carnal thoughts. Inspiration is all around. I do not hold back when a string of verses catch me. The difficulty comes in having the means to write down the draft at the time of creation. Memory is not always reliable.
Well to the best of us this will has for me but I still talk with my mum inside of me...many others too...try it..believe or not you can....ha!
this page presents the way we can live in perfect health.
This poem of how we are after perfection and feel like we can not obtain it. and how the devil lies at us.
Tribute to that true painter who never got any media attention
We all strive to achieve a certain perfection in our lives. If we strive too hard for it with our minds though, this will always move us further away from the greater perfection that already exists for us in our hearts.
My page is going to explain why going on all training will benefit you in later life and how I payed training is also great to get into.
This poem is about a beautiful woman. This woman is beautiful inside and out. People always want to be around her.
the way of holiness is the path that leads to the enlightening presence of the lord, the way is a narrow road, and not many are found travelling on that road, because it is a lonely road,
Again I touch into the journey of She through eternity...a screen play soon will be in its entirety. Pie crust is made...pie filling is my epic of Cosmic it will be...enjoy the continuing of She traversing time and space...infinity...
Written here are my random thoughts from my life experiences.
The Bible is very clear on who is and is not going to Heaven. Yet man's interpretation of this information varies depending on which organized church one attends regularly. This article is only quoting Biblical sources and trying not to interpret the information for the reader, yet al...
Perfectionism strives for perfection, but it is this very striving that removes perfection from you. "Gold cannot be pure, and people cannot be perfect." old Chinese Proverb But then the Chinese do not believe in God...... The quotation should be: "God is pure, and his p...
human perfection is just a human desire none can be perfect ever.
This is just a simple poem regarding the ignorance people have towards women and their daily struggles to push for perfection,
A poem to help a friend see their worth; perhaps an abused family member who needs support.
The pure water of life is when Jesus dries up our tears and forgives us.. He is the mediator for us,
This young guy is in search of a lovely gal -----who has no blemish... But he forgets that he himself is not perfect ....Whats a perfect fit is...I still don't know ...but let the guy go slow ...and find one such a one for himself ....So an opportunity we must give him ----Thus th...
with changing ...trends and conditions of present ..mostly women's are changing ....but by their will or due to under some pressure...?
Happiness is a state of mind, and it doesn't come with swanky cars, luxurious homes or wealth. It comes from within.
Dedicated to God and my husband Troy. About how with the both of them I have perfection no matter the day in my life.
I have reflection for today that every single creation on earth is actually perfect. It may not sound true but I guess there is a quality of perfection even in imperfect things around.
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