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People who aim high in life may risk burning out, but those with ambitious goals who also avoid taking failure too seriously may not suffer as much emotionally.
This poem of how we are after perfection and feel like we can not obtain it. and how the devil lies at us.
Often times when we make a mistake, we waste time making ourselves feel worse. I, like many others, am not a perfectionist, but I want my work to be as close to perfection as possible. When I find that I have made a mistake, I waste time belittling and beating myself up. My day is the...
Working with sincerity brings about perfection, while the focus should be on the former. With love and enthusiasm infused, the work at hand progresses with all smoothness and ease. It is the process as we know; the product automatically takes care of itself. Sole focus on perfection r...
Written here are my random thoughts from my life experiences.
“At its root, perfectionism isn’t really about a deep love of being meticulous. It’s about fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of failure. Fear of success.” ― Michael Law
Perfectionism strives for perfection, but it is this very striving that removes perfection from you. "Gold cannot be pure, and people cannot be perfect." old Chinese Proverb But then the Chinese do not believe in God...... The quotation should be: "God is pure, and his p...
human perfection is just a human desire none can be perfect ever.
If you've ever pressured yourself to perform a task perfectly, you know how debilitating those unrealistic expectations can be. Rather than enjoying the process of the project, you suddenly become hypercritical of your own efforts. As a result, nothing you do meets your standards and ...
I have reflection for today that every single creation on earth is actually perfect. It may not sound true but I guess there is a quality of perfection even in imperfect things around.
Perfectionism is a burden. It can ruin relationships, work ethics, as well as time management. Above all it kills happiness and joy of life. However, a subtle change in the attitude and incorporation of mindfulness in daily routine can bring significant changes and joy in life.
Taking a look at the sign Virgo, and what it can teach us all.
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) is a condition characterized by a chronic preoccupation with rules, orderliness, and control. This disorder is only diagnosed when these behaviors become persistent and disabling.
This article looks at the future perfect tense in the English grammar system.
reading this will make any one most determine in the task currently they been assiged to do.
Don't you find all those thick herbal books rather daunting, too? Hundreds of herbs to chose from, hundreds of uses, where shall I start? Let's make it real simple and get the 4 "best" herbs into our kitchen that contain all known vitamins and minerals! No need for procrastination, no...
Nobody is interested in proving to us how wrong we are and how right they are. But one can be interested in learning and growing, and forming one's own decisions that suit one's character and inclinations and hopefully they are educated and informed decisions. We've got to start somew...
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