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As a new technology, almost any chatbot has the potential to create a bit of a stir, drama or outrage. Businesses will need to ensure their bot meets the marketing claims, is safe to use and offers sound advice, or else they can expect to find themselves answering some uncomfortable q...
An examination of the creation of the 'music industry' and who profitted
Women are fighting for equality right since very long time. Today women are showing their talent,skills, power in getting public recognition and world is witnessing the women power.
Women are fighting for equality right since very long time. Today women are showing their talent,skills, power in getting public recognition and world is witnessing the women power.
This is the author's first speed painting done last year in a school event witnessed by some 500 discerning young crowds
Diehard horror fans, thrill seekers, zombie hunters and lovers of all things paranormal will undoubtedly come to life and thrive at the Evans City Cemetery where George A. Romero shot most of his iconic movie "The Night of the Living Dead, catapulting the Steel City into the classic s...
Some of the greatest rock and metal songs aren't even remembered by the lyrics or the beat, but by the mastermind behind the guitar streamlining a challenging guitar riff that has in many cases put a song on the charts. Memorable guitar riffs have staying power and are one of those sp...
I already posted this before that my niece Chloe passed the Blind Audition for The Voice Dasmarinas - Junior Edition here in our locality. She's a member of Team Kristel.
The Writers Place has been home to several businesses through the years. Along the way, several ghosts have made it their home. The most notable resident is a ghost known as Clara who comes off as being in a tormented state. She is believed to be one of the working girls from the brot...
The main aim of Network Performance Management is to reduce the time it takes to perform routine management and maintenance tasks. This reduction in time is carried out by automating most tasks to eliminate human error.
We can´t be branded as lazy sods if we take a break from work once in a while to have better performance.
How I achieved my set goal for this financial year and who helped me to achieve this.
Growing without a father poses serious risks and damages to the children in the follwing forms. ( 1 ) Behavioral risk ( 2 ) Mental health risk ( 3 ) Academics risk ( 4 ) Sexual risk ( 5 ) Poverty risk ( 6 ) Emotional risk
Some studies have found positive effects and some have found negative effects.
Well this is one article written by a Miley Cyrus fan. and How she changed my life. Tsk Tsk
In some cases today one can questioned the performances of sportsmen
It don't matters that if we are a perfect writer or not but it's a fact that if you can reveal yourself and express your thoughts through your words then then you are a good observer.
The performance of a government is assessed by its people, timely, rightly, and justly.
Here tips are shared to increase the backup of laptop battery.
Bad news for you. According to research experts, the habit of most people today is all-powerful to do some work together at the same time that is not good for our brains as well as affect our performance.
Easy Tips How to Maintain Performance and Speed Your Computer Speed. Here some simple tips are given for a normal user to maintain his or her Computer.
This article will help users to increase their personal computer performance .. those users who are having problem with their slow down PCs .. they should read this article for sure :)
Wondering why people do the wrong things and then try to lie about them. Why go through all the trouble of making up stories to cover up what you've done? Isn't it easier to just do the right thing to begin with?
There are many women drivers around who drive very badly, but still they are around..
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