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A spiritual warfare poem of observation. After a few major elements are embraced, the details work themselves out. This poem can generally speak for itself.
Here's an abstract spiritual poem of truth and light. It can speak for itself.
A spiritual warfare poem embracing this particular aspect of persecution from the net of evil that has so eagerly positioned itself in opposition of me. The devil envies the Lord. The devil destroys the souls of men rather cunningly because God created them. It's a part of life. Here'...
A spiritual warfare poem of truth. The persecution has intensified. This poem can generally speak for itself and God stands with me. Through whatever I must face. Do not fret the evil in the world. Just grow in faith.
I once heard that success doesn't last forever but I believe that to be debatable. What I think it is is that the perspectives and motives for pursuit of a goal vary. For me, as I've mentioned on numerous occassions, that I'm driven by my love of poetry, inspiration and faith in God t...
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of truth and Light. Everlasting are God's thoughts and His children orginated in His thoughts. The kindgom of evil has no substance. Praise God.
I've recent been spiritually promoted by God into a new season in the wilderness. The persecution still remain but I'm getting used to it. Here's another spiritual warfare poem of truth and growth.
For the past couple of years, the hardest part of my persecution of the journey was how personal they were. I didn't understand or, rather, underestimated the power of the darkness. A few weeks ago, God told me that He would be opening my eyes to some things I was blind & I believe th...
I've noticed a lot of changes along this spiritual journey compared to when I first started. Now, the atmosphere is more "rigid" than it used to be. It feels as though there's a large wind pushing my passion back though I go still. Resistence that didn't used to be there. It could be ...
A spiritual warfare poem of truth. It can generally speak for itself. Many different parts of society.
A spiritual warfare poem of persecutions and not losing sight of your worth.
A spiritual warfare poem of power. This new poem can generally speak for itself.
A poem addressing a persecution with this term. Though I've cleared on numerous occasions that the reason why we write is not for praise or exaltation but neither to be devalued and discredited.
One of the main things to look out for in spiritual warfare is being blindsided. That's one of the devil's main weapons. He'll get you preoccupied with small attacks that you miss the big attacks he's sending to your empire. Fighting him head up is the easy part.
A poem about life and striving for holiness during fiery trials. Intentions of inspiration. Happy Holidays to all!
Recalibration remain another constant in the spiritual journey. Times of examination or even repentance. Shaking off false values that maybe you we're beginning to believe about yourself. Back again. Doesn't always mean you went anywhere spiritually or mentally. Just realizing that re...
I often attach descriptions to my poems but they can all speak for themselves. Here's another one.
A poem of clarity. Art can't be appraised. I don't even think most art is created for that reason. Its self expression. The equivalent of a fingerprint. Unique and true.
I remember when Emily Dickenson described hope as being "The thing with feathers." And to this day I still internalize it. Selflessness over selfishness and working towards a greater cause. Or good is the ultimate motive. Towards the glory of God. Not self. We all make mistakes and ha...
Like I always say, Light and darkness is like oil and water. There will always be some friction and lies and truth cannot coexist. I look at the persecutions as a blessing and proof that I am living aligned to the Lord's path. For He experienced such things as well. What's planted by ...
The higher you soar, sometimes, it seems the darker it gets. The persecutions gets tougher. All things become more complicated. But embrace what's light. What's right. And you'll still able to see in front of you.
A poem of insight. Even through the darkness, a sense of sympathy should be present. Turn up the sound of truth and drown out the clamour of condemnation and hate for a while. Recalibrate.
A spiritual abstract poem about life and truth. It can speak for itself.
A reality I'm all too familar with. The wicked in power are trying any and everything to stop my ministry and poetry. I hold on to faith in God through whatever.
An upbeat poem of spiritual truth. Persecution and faith. Another testimony. It can speak for itself generally.
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