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The letter Z, the last letter of the alphabet stands in its glory with various words like zebra, and zenith. But the word I have chosen to explain today is Zoroastrianism. Yes I know it is quite a mouthful.
Here I go into the history of mankind or perhaps beastly-kind for those who are agents of the darkness for greed and power create wars causing killing and has been going on forever and still does...unfortunately...
Women taking part in war in a fighting role has only been happening for a short time. Taking part in medical aid near the frontline was their place before that but even that is recent considering many, many years humans have fought. War was a man’s realm. Even so, some women took pa...
To be a king or ruler is not always easy surrounded by so many demands and demanding people...but if you opt out you do not know what will be your return..a metaphor for some maybe....
One of the most brutal conquerors of Eurasia, a legend until his body was exhumed
Many moons ago I was fortunate enough to read about the work of Dr. Jonas who dared to investigate the Laws of Nature and Natural Man himself. How energy works as a power inside and outside of us all. Some readers now will disagree entirely but those who access both inner and outer w...
Travelling back into the Warriors and Kings of old, how they conquered, ruled and took their pleasuring men and women and young boys...a bit naughty but nice!
Throughout time as it is known and even before then, there were Beings on the planet who helped share the ancient wisdoms of Soul and spiritual knowing. This is about the Sun God, Mithra.
This is a one of the biggest book, in the history of epic. All the English translations now we find in the book store are the edited versions.
I own about twelve pieces of turquoise jewelry: This shade is a fusion of green and blue and it looks awesome with white and coral.
His first fight with the Persians was in the Granicus River West of Asia Minor. As he won the battle he sends 300 suits of Persian armor to Greece to offer it to Athena
In the year 334 B.C he led the 30,000 Greek soldiers with 5,000 cavalry into Asia and campaigns to conquer the East dominated by the Persian Empire.
A compare contrast of Athens and Sparta. It might not include everything, but is pretty thorough.
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