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First of all, congratulations on your interest in wanting to build your own PC! I remember how excited I was when I really began to get into it
Do you remember the first time you used your current computer and the browser? It was fast, stunningly fast, and now it simply doesn't perform even though it is the same machine, albeit no longer shiny and new.
Lately I have been asked several times a week my thoughts on which computer is the right one to buy. I have decided to write this article to help guide you on making that choice because it all boils down to personal likes, dislike and preferences in the end.
Have you thought about how things have changed in the last 30 years? As a mom of both teenager and elementary kids, I have state of the art technology, on my face, at every hour, and I remmeber when things were, bigger and definetely not simpler :P
The three major types of computers are mainframes computer which are the very large, the next is minicomputers which also be used by several users at the same time and microcomputers which can only be used by one person at a time, doing only one function at a time.
The Main components of today's computer hardware are a monitor or visual display unit (VDU), a keyboard, the computer itself (the hard disk), a mouse, a disc drive, a CD drive, speakers, a microphone and a printer.
Having personal computers at home is important these days. Even elementary pupils utilize them for their projects. However, because of scientific developments such as High definition Digital SLRs and camcorders, the requirement for greater Ram memory and video cards arise.
If you have a personal computer, it isn’t a question of if but when, it is going to go south. Here is some advice on what to do before and after that tragic event happens.
30 years ago, the only computer I’ve known in school was the not-so-small calculator. During that time, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were unknowns who were still developing the high-tech computers we use today. Doing the school assignments were a struggle to find the needed books in th...
The Computer age is fast changing with great possibilities and easy abilities to control and command mobiles and the general PCs. The A-Z Windows Key Commands reveals the general ‘Windows key’ commands you will use to work with your PC running on Windows Operating System.
The Sinclair ZX80 home computer, at £49.95 was the cheapest personal computer on the UK market. lets look at what it could do.
Trying to decide between windows and mac? This'll help.
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