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Sometimes in life we simply need order, humour and a bit of help to keep up with everything. Reminder, reminder, so much to do and no cloning technology available yet...time to get an assistant.
A story about how a robbery I witnessed changed prompted me to stop looking and start helping
A personal tale about self-doubt and getting over it. If a blithering idiot such as myself can take the plunge, then so can you.
Are you Living on Purpose or going through the motion of expectation and perceived responsibility, like most of the world? The key to connecting to our true purpose is recovering our I-Am-Ness - that which we were born with, including creativity.
A look back at the journey I had to take in order to change from who I was to who I currently am.
The power of perseverance goes a long way. This is a personal experience I'd like to share that I think people can somewhat relate to.
This will be an article discussing identity and how we see it as people.
There is a famous saying by Eleanor Roosevelt ,"Great minds discuss ideas.Average minds discuss events and Small minds discuss people." This is what I am going to discuss about which may help us live better lives and use time judiciously.
Learning new things is one of the most important processes in our lives. Although it can be real fun, most often it is really painful and exhausting activity. Using simple procedures may allow you to learn faster and better and reduce pressure of remembering a lot of things in a short...
For my nearly sixty years of existence, I have speculated deeply about who and what I am, or might be. I have searched both high and low for answers, answers that could suitably satisfy me. In the end, the only thinking that I could ever accept about any of this spiritual stuff, tur...
Now and then we need to lower the standards we set for ourselves. It doesn't have to be 100% all the time.
Despite working at different rates of speed for all goals, persistence is the chance killer as I shall show in totality in this article.
Self awareness is the most important trait in enriching your life. Self awareness makes the life conscious about the current situation and guide you in the right direction . Those who have no self awareness about the implications ...
Potentiality of the mental strength, energy, intuition and self awareness should be cultivated in such a way that a man may face the tough situation in life. A man can build up his own career without any inconveniences. He may over come a...
Planning is an essential component of preparing the life to a desired level. If we determine that we have to achieve our definite aim in life , we have to prepare our life from the early days . Sporadic planning from the latter d...
No matter what or where you are, you have the capacity to be a winner or a loser. Perfection is not required to be a winner, but honesty and rationality are required to be a real winner. This is that story.
Have you ever been on a pressure while you were with strangers,co-workers,elders,family members,neighbors,friends... this is a situation to be faced by every person,right from childhood.This is what is called the "peer pressure" which can be handled easily if its given least importa...
Sometimes it is difficult to tease out the differences between clinical words and their meanings. Validation and self worth and personal growth. I was asked which is more important.
There are many theories of personality. This series covered the most well known psychological theories. In the end do we really know who we are?
Part of our personalities are determined by our DNA but much of it is determined by the people we meet who impact upon our lives.
Every choice leads to change. Big or small, today or tomorrow the choices we make will change our lives, or that of someone else. That is what this poem with its verses tells.
This article talks about the demands we make, the expectations we have of those around us and why when making them we should make sure we can do the same for them.
A poem about how I feel. I hope people can relate to this.
A personal experience that taught me that you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
Some self-help books talk about balance points, and disruption of such balance points in our lives. Buddha told us to live from the middle path. The middle path though is not about reaching a balance point though. Every path is balanced for us, as long as we live from love. The mi...
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