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Did God really create us to fulfill some purpose or do we have free will to do and be who we choose to become? My contention is that our family, peers, teachers, and relationships do more to create the person we become than some idea of God does.
The concept of oneness can be a hard one for most of us to swallow down our individual throats. When we wrestle with it in our minds, we can get indigestion. We need to accept our own place within it all, by our not separating ourselves away from anything. We are on our own, only whe...
Journey to success is a hard work of developing yourself.
Leadership. A vast subject with a lot of content for sure. This will be about how to become a leader. For those who want to step ahead. For those who want to make their own path.
Betterment of ourselves, our communities and our nations depends on the commitment to care, to change.
Actions depends on each person's mind, and not every person is given the freedom for each response for any incident surrounding?. We are the kings of our own minds, but the environment influence a person's way of thinking. if we live in an environment that is positive, then the way w...
Does networking terrify you? This article will explain why networking seems so terrifying and how it doesn't have to be!
Concentration can be an important factor your existence, focusing on perform gets to be tough. The particular human being mind is just not made to deal with surrounding chaos as each and every impression accumulates in something which could possibly distract all of us in seconds. Eve...
This is, in poetry form, a beautiful poem that describes the pain in my life. It a poem of not only survival, but of hope. No matter what we go through in life, it is our choice whether we are swallowed up by a monstrous beast that keeps us chained to our past. It is up to each indivi...
Since we are still on the Labor month, I would like to experience with you my unforgettable experience in the job that you can surely reflect at all. Read more for my detailed shared experience.
This is basically the life story of themadtyper where he has been, what has he been through, and where he is today!
Capture thoughts of life and the experiences Growth and learning the basic elements an experience in me- ism Anger at experience and foundations of self help. Experiences in my life have led me to many places. Meeting many people along this journey.
There is one main reason people are dissatisfied with their lives. Find out what it is & how to start your journey to personal happiness and contentment
If you have lived your life in a way that you have contracted a disease you have a personal responsibility to inform those you live with and supposedly love that they are potentially in danger.
Here I share my opinion about why we must hold ourselves accountable for our own choices!
Personal system for success is a procedure you have in place to ensure that you make some time in your daily life to attract success. You need to do this through prayers, manifestation, belief and instilling commitment.
Is attitude an important key in the development of behavior and personality? In this article I have discussed how positive attitude could improve behavior and personality. Read on to discover how positive attitude is very important as it will make our life easier.
Have you ever sued anyone? Why? Do you take any responsibility for your own actions? Do you think health and Safety is going mad?
Here are my simple tips you want to teach to your children.
Have you ever wondered why do the rats have to live in darkness and avoid the cats? Why do the cats chase the rats whenever they meet? But they have to aware of the dogs. What make the differences among them?
Did you ever notice that there are a lot of people in this world who think they deserve special praise and recognition for doing ordinary things? I find this to be especially true of men and teenagers. Here’s just a short list of my pet peeves when it comes to patting oneself on the...
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to argue for our own limitations or lack of abilities in order to prevent any feelings of failure. However, a sense of self-worth is dependent on taking some risks in life and being willing to be oneself is a necessity.
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