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You are undoubtedly only you, you might think to yourself, but are you actually a part of something bigger than you too? This is oneness. How do we relate to something so notoriously airy-fairy as this concept of oneness? I give two examples from my own life to try to clear some of...
Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. This article will discuss the various types of nonverbal communication and how it reflects upon our mental health.
Personal space and oneness. If a shoe does not fit our foot, which would we change, our foot, or the shoe? Personal space is a lot like that shoe. We keep trying to squeeze our over-sized foot into it! The oneness of personal space!
Does networking terrify you? This article will explain why networking seems so terrifying and how it doesn't have to be!
Going for a holiday and staying in decent hotels is expensive. This is worse when your family consists of a few teenagers and you would need to book two or more rooms. Would it not be wonderful if we could travel to any part of the world and not to have to worry about hotel costs?
There are many ways to begin an interior design project. My suggestion is to find artwork that is appealing to you and build your room around it. The art will establish your personality, a theme, color possibilities and a focal point. In addition, my recommendation will be to inves...
This is basically the life story of themadtyper where he has been, what has he been through, and where he is today!
Attitude can be defined as individual behaviour or preference But then all of us are unique entities What's your attitude then like?
Capture thoughts of life and the experiences Growth and learning the basic elements an experience in me- ism Anger at experience and foundations of self help. Experiences in my life have led me to many places. Meeting many people along this journey.
Personal boundaries determine not only who and how we interact with; they also make up our value system of what we allow into our lives.
We are all busy people, perhaps too busy. It is a sad fact that all too many of us sleep with our mobile phone close at hand. It is disturbing that according to a recent survey 38% of us actually reach for our phones if we waken unexpectedly at 3am. Perhaps more astonishingly 8% of us...
Establishing a relationship depends on mutual interests in the relationship, but maintaining a relationship requires that the partners respect each other's personal spaces with restrains on liberties of the self.
The eye contact was considered as one of the important aspect of a positive nonverbal communication.
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