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Facing problems I initially ran from to become a better person.
Beauty and shrewdness are a dangerous combination. This is a story of how I experienced that first hand.
A look back at a rough patch I went through during the year.
Now and then we need to lower the standards we set for ourselves. It doesn't have to be 100% all the time.
This is a story of a young lady searching for answers regarding her father's sudden disappearance in everybody's mind. A day after her mother's burial, everything changed, even her father's existence.
If you’re aiming to run a successful blog you will need content which people are not only going to read, but will keep your readers coming back, looking for more day after day...
Children are notorious for not liking certain foods, but sometimes it may all be in the preparation
My personal story of Melanoma skin cancer that looked and behaved like Basel Cell Carcinoma
An essay on my final good-bye of a friend from Russia and a poem about that good-bye.
A personal experience that taught me that you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
Each of us has a vast store of individual potential. Real leaders help us tap it.
An Introduction of myself, my hobbies, and all about me, since I'm a complete stranger here in wiki i would like to fully introduce myself to each and everyone.
This poem is about letting go your old belief system that is no longer working or serving you.........
A look at why Time Magazine can predict the future of the world through their selection of "Person of the Year".
Accepting that we are less than perfect makes our life live easier and healthier.
In my year teaching English as a Second Language as an Arkansas Reads! Americorps volunteer, I had a chance to experience many wonderful people from all over the world, and I wanted to share some of their stories with you. When you see someone who doesn't look or sound like you, I hop...
The consequences of not getting help after my sexual abuse.
Since we are still on the Labor month, I would like to experience with you my unforgettable experience in the job that you can surely reflect at all. Read more for my detailed shared experience.
This is a brief summary of my personal life as a security guard and how security guards are being treated.
This is basically the life story of themadtyper where he has been, what has he been through, and where he is today!
Attitude can be defined as individual behaviour or preference But then all of us are unique entities What's your attitude then like?
Expertscolumn accepts almost all of subject topics that columnists have written. However, there are times that the site will kick off columns that violate its site's rules and policy. Based from my experience with this publishing site - after a column is published, the said column is ...
Fact: Asian tiger mothers breed successful children.
Facebook is the most commonly used networking site worldwide and we all love Facebook for some different reasons. Check out my reasons and see if they match yours.
Just a bunch of stuff I threw together. I am hoping to get my short raps/poems out for people to be able to read and relate to.
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