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This poem might be a little bit personal, but I hope you will like it.
A little poem about the desires coming from a lonely heart that wishes to be truly loved and to be able to shine.
This started out as a potential poem but ended in a story. I had no clue the direction I was going in when I started, but I'm rather pleased about where my journey on this page took me. All of this is however fictional. I felt I should clear that up so that you aren't reading it think...
If your love one or someone you know is a victim of cyberbully, help him out and hear his problems. Do not leave the victim alone. Stop cyberbully from spreading.
Color printing , business cards, and flyers are printing solutions for businesses. These form the advertising arm of the concern that determine the success to a great extent. A look into what goes on in this field as well as how the business team interact with its members.
I had a 'relationship' with a man, that rejected me in the end, because I was not willing to jump into a sexual relationship with him until I had really got to know him and when did months later, I soon realised he was not right for me and too old for me. He had lied about his age. T...
This is the story of my childhood, books available at school, and the teacher and my father's interaction.
What happens when hatred takes over? This page contains my idea on hatred and how people act when taken over with it
I can honestly say I have not done any gambling, other than an occasionally lotto ticket or a raffle for a group I was part of for almost 40 years.
I grew up not believing that I had one artistic bone in my body, so how come I to see myself as an artists of sorts?
I just dropped by to say Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!
A poem about how I feel. I hope people can relate to this.
Read about my life experiences... how events turned my life from happy to sad to pained to angry. Read on and find out about my topsy-turvy life.
I called it, way back in the day of April 30, 2013, on a site came to be known as the bubble-ooze. I'm moving it here: Who knew I'd ever say there were any politicians with a lick of sense? Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) are pushing for legislation to d...
Orgasm not only enhances the intimate relationship between partners, but also stimulate communication between them.
This is an introductory post on me, my family and my educaiton.
An Introduction of myself, my hobbies, and all about me, since I'm a complete stranger here in wiki i would like to fully introduce myself to each and everyone.
in this Blog I will go through my daily routine. starting form prayers and ending in sitting in the car
Training is wonderful when your exercises have been scheduled by a professional trainer. Personal training is now helping people realize their dreams of achieving success in the athletic and sports fields. Here we discuss the personal training aspect in detail.
In the world of presentations as a way of passing out information. Most people have a pre-disposition to what PPT presentations will do for them. People see them as a way to waste time and typically they aren't very helpful. This piece should help you "jazz" up the presentations and...
I want to introduce myself to all my Visitors using this page. It talks about who I am, what I do, what are my hobbies, etc. a typical "Tell me about yourself" in short.
"Who am I??" Isn't that the question everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives? Get to know a little more about me and why I write what I write.
I am newbie in this site , i hope that you will teach to know all about wikinut
Written about verbal abuse, my feelings its very personal to me
Collection of my Poetry.... Life experiences, Family, Love, Loss ,Abuse, Hunor ...
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