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We feel proud watching Sachin Tendulkar playing cricket in our lifetime.
I have written another personification poem. This one is titled Winter. I hope that you enjoy this one.
This is another personification poem about the parchment paper. I hope that you enjoy!
This is a poem I wrote about shame taking control of my entire being. Shame is the speaker in the poem, and it holds nothing back.
Here is another personification on love. I hope that you enjoy this one too.
I am born free, free will I die, freedom of thought is so beautiful. I feel rich because I can think free, not the freedom of expression, and not the freedom to work, it’s freedom of thought, that is most fundamental, and common to everyone of us. But, hardly we realize its imp...
India is a land of pantheism. Buddhism which came from Hinduism also worships many goddesses. A fascinating and diverse array of female deities such as Mayadevi, Prthvi, and Sri Lakshmi can be found in Buddhism. The concept of goddesses in Buddhism yields an insight to the religions o...
One of my most earliest work from junior year, highschool.
We ascribe human qualities to animals for a wide range of reasons. This is a variety of what we call "Anthropomorphism."
Comparison of the use of metaphor to the use of literal truth in prose and poetry.
An analysis of Tennyson's brief poem taking into consideration parallel structure, reasons for personification, versification, trochaic substitution, mythological suggestions.
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