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Everything is life can be seen in one of two ways; there's the man-made perspective, this is how we come to perceive everything in life the way in which we do due to general &/or popular opinion within our society (from something physical such as how a table is used to display objects...
What have your learnt during the course of your life? Life is a great teacher, yet each and every one of us experiences and understands the passage of events differently. What is your perspective? Chances are it will differ from that of other direct witnesses.
Mathematics can only be correct when viewed in a certain perspective.
This article is about different kind of Human Perspectives
This is a poem I wrote describing metaphorically my perspective on several subjects.
We must always remember, that the mind is the one which alway creates or sources our experiences. The mind is the one that enables us to experience pleasure or pain; it enables us to experience thinking; it also enables us to interprete things, our surroundings, the people and events ...
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