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The top most popular pets such as dogs, cats, birds, horses and fish, share many of our homes, but some of us prefer the most exotic type of pet, this article is for them
Conan was the first pit bull I ever owned. He was humble and precious as a lamb. He had a short life span that was caused by a human.
Most people who are loving their pets usually share a bed with their pets. But, there are things you need to consider if you like to share a bed with your pets.
Whether majestic black male or cute tabby kitten, these animals fascinate thousands of people around the world. But taking care of a cat isn’t as easy as it seems. If you are debating whether to get one or not, read this article to find out if you have what it takes!
Pets are human beings loveliest and best friends at times better than humans.
Pet jewelry such as cat jewelry are designed for pet lovers who keep cats. They can be purchased as gifts or treats for the pet owners. Here are ideas on how to choose the best cat jewelry to buy for a loved one who adores their cat.
My then fiance (Susanne Herfurth) and I adopted a duck back at the end of February. This is my blog entry from the second day we had Duckie as part of the family. Since then we got married, and have come to love Good Duckie like a first child (well, not quite as much as my son who is ...
Like religion is a faith... so is Medicine an aid ...use intelligence ..knowledge, then apply wisdom please.
This article is about Urban wildlife- Keeping a racoon as a pet
Dogs, especially dogs like Dobermans, can be very dangerous to strangers. The owners who keep these dogs as pets should exercise enormous caution.
Make your dog stand out with a little creativity and some hair dye!!
The page is about preparing food for house rabbits. Commercial rabbit pellet food is not only expensive, it can never be a complete food substitute. What we have presented here is not a substitute to green grass, but is useful when green fodders become scarce. Also, the food presented...
This article is about missing our beloved pets. It will give a lot of pain to us
Find an unique name for your pet from this article
Five different breeds of dogs that are ideal for their idle owners.
Eating bones may cause problems in dogs of all sizes such as; constipation, esophageal choke, intestinal obstruction, bacterial infection, and broken teeth.
Devotion, Love, Adoration, Loyalty...Something we all long for, but seldom receive... And yet, so often we do not recognise it even when it is under our nose... Perhaps it is time we opened our eyes....and felt the tug of our heartstrings....
A look a keeping pigs as pets, but be aware not all pigs make good pets
Certain foods should be avoided such as, foods containing high amounts of oil also avoid cheap food supplements such as protein capsules. This type of food leads to digestive problems and in some cases, hair loss.
This is a short funny poem about my eight year old dachsund named Edgar Lee. As empty nesters, he was a Valentine's gift to me by my late husband back in 2003. No other dog in my life has posessed the character he has. We have been through thick and thin together.
Pets need a lot of love and care. Being knowledgeable about them will help one to take better care of them. This article provides a list of websites which gives useful information related to pets.
Parakeets can be delicate and require extra attention at times.
A senior dog can be a wonderful addition to your family, but adoption should be considered carefully.
Rescue animals have a more in-depth view of the world than other animals.
Animal lovers, veterinarians, psychologists, and other scientific investigators have long tried to solve the mystery of the “sixth sense” of pets. They have succeeded only to a small degree. There are still great gaps and missing clues to the solution.
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