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Dog adoption is a responsibility. Nursing a dog is as difficult as having a baby so the owner must be aware about the dos and don'ts for the dog he/she is trying to pet.
This is a true story from my youth about the nature of the world we live in and the love of He who made it.
Eragon is an American Pit Bull Terrier that became a member of a loving family. He is very smart, loyal, funny and lovable; not just any pit bull dog, he's very special to his family.
Dog is the best friend of a man. This is the popular perception, but it is not so with me.
Black dogs and cats are often the last ones to be adopted from a shelter. Find out why this phenomenon happens and what you can do to help save unwanted animals.
As with dogs, owners need to take care with what food their cats get their paws on. It is important to become familiar with what might be harmful to your cat’s health and avoid giving them anything that might be a risk. Here is a quick list of what should be avoided:
Whether majestic black male or cute tabby kitten, these animals fascinate thousands of people around the world. But taking care of a cat isn’t as easy as it seems. If you are debating whether to get one or not, read this article to find out if you have what it takes!
Pets are human beings loveliest and best friends at times better than humans.
Hug your furry companions. Their love is unconditional and pure. And then take a walk along a path of true joy.. The giggles of children lead the way at any time! There's much to learn from a child's spirit. It's ours, for our taking.. * Online readings of poems can be found at: http...
My then fiance (Susanne Herfurth) and I adopted a duck back at the end of February. This is my blog entry from the second day we had Duckie as part of the family. Since then we got married, and have come to love Good Duckie like a first child (well, not quite as much as my son who is ...
A dog's tear stains are especially noticeable in light colored dogs. It is not hard to remove the discoloration, but it does require a large measure of safety, as you are working around the dog's eyes. Here are a list of items you can purchase and use at home to remove these stains.
You may be unknowingly entrusting your beloved furry, family member, into a very dangerous situation, If you take your pet to a pet groomer, you cannot afford to bypass this article!
Bugsy lived in a flea market, trapped in a tiny cage, I could not leave him there, I had to take him home. He is the most delightful pet, he spends happy days with me He is safe but best of all, he can play and run - he's free!
Not everyone should have a dog. There are reasons why some people should be kind enough not to have a dog. You could be one of them.
This article is about missing our beloved pets. It will give a lot of pain to us
Find an unique name for your pet from this article
To own a Jack Russell Terrier can be an absolute pleasure, but there can be pro's and con's in taking on this breed of dog, and research is advisable before you lose your heart to one. My review on what it is like owning a Jack Russell Terrier through personal experience... in respon...
Take the time to carefully consider these suggestions before choosing your next pet.
Do you ever wonder just what your dog is dreaming of as he lays there in his bed? Watching his limbs flex and quiver, the soft doggy cries he makes in possible pursuit of fleeing his perfect world of doggy dreams....
Moving house can be a traumatic time, especially for pets. Change can be difficult for an elderly cat.
Devotion, Love, Adoration, Loyalty...Something we all long for, but seldom receive... And yet, so often we do not recognise it even when it is under our nose... Perhaps it is time we opened our eyes....and felt the tug of our heartstrings....
That little dog, tied to a street lamp, unwanted, discarded, or that bedraggled stray that you talk to, who wags a hesitant tail in search of food and a fuss...They are out there, the pets that become a hindrance, no more a cherished puppy...And all they want is someone to love them.....
A look a keeping pigs as pets, but be aware not all pigs make good pets
Certain foods should be avoided such as, foods containing high amounts of oil also avoid cheap food supplements such as protein capsules. This type of food leads to digestive problems and in some cases, hair loss.
Looking for a lifelong companion who will shower you with unconditional love? Want a lifelong companion who will ask nothing more of you than to have his or her basic needs for love, food, shelter and medical care met? If you answered yes to those questions, the adopt a retired Greyho...
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