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Fast, convenient and economical—traveling by bus is the easiest way to travel with pick up and drop off points in town and city centers. With fares starting from a $1, there is no time like now if you are flexible to take a few road trips.
Some feminists are decrying movies with a shortage of female protagonists. I can see their points. But for my son, I'd rather focus on movies where boys want girls on their team(s).
We all dream...that is a given. Probably as young children we were given the keys to journey into the magical realms of light but then the veil of forgetfulness dropped when we were around 6 and now we have to find those who can help us find the magic again. This is all about it.
Valentine's day is not just for lovers. Read on to find out what I think.
I visited this area of Suffolk recently, read on to find out more about it.
It is surprising how many grown men exhibit Peter Pan tendencies and this can present problems for their dating partner
Thought I'd share some quotes from a few of the romantic movies that I've viewed so far. Hope you can relate to any of them. I know I have.
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