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Three famous men, seen as great heros who were more destructive and whose legacy is questionable.
Why the songs of the sixties personified a troubled nation.
I wasn't surprised to be yelled at in Air Force basic training, neither should we be surprised as Christians when we are treated badly.
The Lenten Season is in its second day and the Passion of Christ is upon us. The Passion of Christ is the last few days of our Lord and Savior’s earthly ministry, beginning with Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and ending with his crucifixion and resurrection. The passion in...
The Apostles James and John completed the inner circle. In my last article in this series, I said that Peter was the Apostle closest to Jesus; perhaps I should have said that Peter became the spokesman for the Apostles and for the inner circle. Some of my readers pointed out that most...
Whenever the disciples are named in the Bible, Peter is always listed first, of all the disciples, he was the one Jesus felt closes to. The apostle Simon Peter, along with the apostles James and John, made up the inner circle. Next to Peter James and John were the apostles that had th...
In this article I show you examples of people who were known to Jesus and reincarnated in this age in relation with his return. Here you get a glimpse of how the Karma changes the person to another task and character. And how the person is rewarded or punished for his past deeds. Of c...
Mandy was devastated when her husband Peter died suddenly. She had always assumed they would grow old together, but at 53 she suddenly found herself alone and scared. Read on to find out more
Through our lives, at least for most, someone has come forward to assist us. The assistance has been physical in the world and then for those of us who are blessed wayshowers have come forward to guide us in our spiritual inner awareness..this is a dedication to my Wayshower.
Those good old days of yesteryear with Frank and the gang
This poem was written in a flurry of passion, as the ideas came one after the other. It is about people in the Bible and history who showed a zeal for doing what God wanted.
Who were eager to crucify Christ? Who were there really following him?
This is quite a mishmash with the saving grace of videos and praise for my many friends who write for wikinut. There is a video of the 1943 movie for Whom the Bell Tolls...vey apt at this time of our history! Read on and those who want to have a hey dey on my behalf...blessings
I cannot thank and praise God enough for sending His Son to be my Saviour and the Saviour of the world!!!
I was reading in Matthew 16 in the Bible and came across a verse that I think many people have misunderstood.
We would do well to note how each of the different apostles handled a particular topic. James never contradicted Paul or John or Peter and vice versa. Each apostle spoke with one voice and that was the voice of Christ himself.
According to a 2009 survey, 77% of Americans believe in some description of angels. While skeptics often relate a belief in angels to irrational superstition and wishful thinking, countless new spiritual perspectives surface each year which include the possibility of angels among us....
The famed Historic District of Greenwich Village in New York City (known simply as “the Village”) is like no other cultural center in the world. Home to the Beat Movement, East Coast Hippies, as well hundreds of renown artists, musicians, writers, and philosophers, it holds a uni...
A priest is supposed to be a follower of God. Why then is it that no one asks what God has to say on the subject of to marry or not to marry?
The Aliens Have landed! great, Quarantine? nah! Put them in a shanty town on the edge of the city.
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