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When you do something which is really bad and are rewarded for it
Father stops at the gas station to fill up his Jeep. Some time ago, the Jeep that long ago used to be Mother's, that they sold to Elize and her husband, came back to Father when Elize and her husband sold it back to them again.
Transport is a big issue everywhere. With the rising costs of fuel, those of us who drive are feeling the pinch. Here are some things that you can do to reduce your fuel bills.
A story of a garage manager running his rural garage in the 1960's. His garage is a renovated, very old forge and the manager outlines the similarities of the blacksmith and the garage.
Using the wrong fuel nozzle can cost you several thousand dollars. For this reason ,the engine of a diesel vehicle that has been filled with petrol by accident should not be started.The only exception is when the amount is very small ,since petrol will mix with diesel.
Money saving tips for your day to day life are a must to follow.
In India, when a litre of petrol sells at almost eighty rupees, the demand is limitless. Read on to find more about the woes of a teenager who gets caught in the frenzy of buying petrol!
This little device is fitted to the engine of your car, and gives amazing results. Read on to find out more.
An annual inspection of some large institutions for licensing purposes brings about some anxiety in ensuring that all policies and procedures are being followed. It was essential for all staff to be present and the twist to the story is that I arrived after adding water to the petr...
I seem to recall a time when high grades reflected a sign of higher intelligence. Here are some areas where we obviously are lacking a passing grade and possible ideas for improvement, lest we repeat past failures.
Todays driving conditions are very diffferent to the 1980's
With food going up every week, I have had to change my diet. Maybe that is not such a bad thing.
When I booked my flights from London to Washington this year, I was amazed at the price hike.
With money thin on the ground at this time of year, this article talks about how you can keep as much of your hard earned cash in your pockets as possible. At this time of year, everyone is counting their pennies. We all spend more than we can afford at the holidays, and there are s...
Thoughts on what you might see on the internet today !
Christmas comes but once a year, but bills come all the time.
The motor car is probably the most important invention in the history of transportation since the wheel.
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