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Being new in the neighborhood, not knowing anyone, the calling for their escaped dog was dismaying to one of the neighbors.
Although brief, this little story demonstrates and benefits of pets in the life of a child. Caring for them and establishing a relationship with a pet can stay with a child all his life. Sadly, pets will not live as long as the child, but even their death can teach a child about lif...
This is the story of when I rescued and adopted an abandoned little black kitten. Pet rescue is so rewarding..and this adorable little kitten brought many years of pleasure to our on to find out more.
Saying goodbye is never easy especially if it's one of your favorite pets. This is my tribute to Tara the cat.
Molly the cat spent her days outside hunting and inside cuddling on our laps until the day we lost her to a car accident. This is the story of a beloved pet and all the lessons she taught us.
This is our Border Collie Pup Molly. The joys, the despair, the ups and the downs of bringing a puppy into the home. Read on to meet our Molly and find out for yourself.
Dogs are not only man's best friend but also a way for man to make more friends. In an often lonely world, dogs serve as a bridge to bring people together.
[link=]"Marks Pet Ownership Guide Challenge[/link]" reminded me my childhood days in the village where I was born and brought up. I recalled my old friend, [b]a "gold beetle" whom I admir...
Phyllis an elderly woman in an abusive relationship, teaches a young couple about love and compassion.
More from Catnip Capers, The Adventures of Dillard & Dabney McFurperson. A humorous look at who owns who.
This is the story of one day in the life of myself and my two cats, Dillard & Dabney.
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