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The upbringing of a dog or cat health improvement, ease the tension, away the specter of exposure to obesity and cardiovascular diseases and stroke because their owners walking with their pets daily. The study Baker Medical Research Institute in the Australian city of Melbourne that ...
Dog adoption is a responsibility. Nursing a dog is as difficult as having a baby so the owner must be aware about the dos and don'ts for the dog he/she is trying to pet.
Dogs and humans share a unique emotional attachment. Though dogs can’t speak human language and human can’t speak a dog’s language, still they both understand each other’s emotion a lot.
You have decided to get a pet. You know you want a new puppy. Now it’s time for the bigger decision that needs to be made. What breed of dog will your puppy be? The “breed” decision comes with many considerations.
We all know about cold winter weather and how to protect ourselves and family but we also have to protect out furry family members from the harsh winter weather
It is an an absolute myth that dogs are color blind. They actually do see in color, but just not as vividly as us humans. It is a bit like our vision at dusk...
An article discussing New Hampshire's HB-241 bill of 2015.
Dogs need to be protected in the cold weather. Many people don’t think about what dogs need to get through the winter months.
Recently,I had a discussion with one of my friends who was being so attached to the surroundings,nature,living and non-living things that I had to counsel about acceptance of true nature as such.
Dogs are best friends to humans, and it's so true!
During the summer my cats finally managed to do something they've wanted to since they came to live with me: Get out of the house and act like WILD ANIMALS! At least until they got hungry...
I have written about Rugby before. He is my hoodlum cat. Rugby is the cat that was sick at Christmas with a urinary tract infection that was very hard to cure. It took three different antibiotics and close to 300 dollars later for him to get better.
And so, over time, they all became extinct, to the very last one.
I rather liked having less dogs around, now that the two black dogs have disappeared. The dog food lasts longer, there isn't any violent dog politics (dogs forming groups that attack and bite each other, as has happened between the dogs in the front yard and the dogs in the backyard) ...
In the back yard we had Black Dog, the most beautiful long haired black female dog, who is one of two children of the long departed Wolverine. Now she's disappeared.
There are creatures, some very small, that are always out to parasite off of you and your loves ones, especially your loved ones who are also your pets. They want to drink your blood!!!! WHAAAAAAAA!!!
Creatures need to behave in a way that appeases humans, otherwise they have no place with us on this here earth.
Some stories from my past, growing up in South Georgia
Marzeus is having trouble sleeping. He's sleeping on the sopha-bed in the living room, since his room is being borrowed by Uncle Gus and Auntie René for the time being while they're getting their own house ready.
Suddenly Marzeus remembers something. Waldorf had a cat who regularly has babies. Perhaps he still has her, in spite of the fact that Knabbit has killed many of his pet cats too. Maybe he'd have one that is lactating? It's worth a shot.
Sowing DEATH. That is all that's on the animal's mind. No reasoning. No interest in befriending. No sense of caring. Killing is the only thing he knows at this time.
Warning! This was written as a sort of "Catharsis" for me. It is very painful to read. Please, don't think less of me...
Are you eager to get a pet but don't want something everybody has like a cat or dog? There are always pets out there that are pets but not mammals. How about an amphibian? They make an unusual pet, and you have a pet.
Dachshunds are small, lovable dogs. The Dachshunds is a great breed of dog. Dachshunds make great pets.
The opening of the door of death is sometimes more heavy for us to bear than the pain of the actual death. Such is the case being described in my poem below about my pet dog Abbey. The door finally did close though, and my dog Abbey is now no more.
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