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At seventeen years of age Joseph is clearly his father's favorite son, which does not endear him to his brothers. Being a Tattletale and a dreamer causes the cauldron to boil over.
Moses and Aaron try to persuade pharaoh to let the descendants of Jacob go on a three day journey into the wilderness to worship the Lord.
God calls Moses and tells him that he is to lead his people out of Egypt and back to the land of Canaan.
This is the first part of a new series based on the Biblical book of Exodus.
Even while in prison, Joseph remains faithful to God and continues to prosper.
When Pharaoh has a dream that none of his wise men can interpret, the chief butler remembers Joseph and he is summons to appear before the king.
Joseph is a slave in Egypt but God is with him and makes everything that he does to prosper.
Egypt was not independent. It was a client state of Rome. It means that Egypt was part of the Roman Empire. At that time, Egypt had a king or queen, called Cleopatra. Cleopatra was born in 70 BC. She was daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Her father died when she was young. She became ...
This started off as a fairy tale and then a different way I had to go for ancient Egypt pulled on me and so this piece I wrote for you to read...if you so tells of an ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet, her doings too...enjoy!
An overview of this fascinating ancient Egyptian site, illustrated with my own photographs.
While history has favored the names King Tut, Ramses II, and Cleopatra above others, one name stands apart from all the rest as a ruler who not only affected the course of the Egyptian Empire as no ruler had before, but most likely altered the course of human history. That name is Ak...
This great pyramid was believed to be built to be used as tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu by the fourth dynasty Egyptians. It was constructed for over 20 years concluding around 2540.
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