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Progressive Care has become a leader in personalized healthcare services and technology – and this has enabled the company to expand its contingent of pharma-robotic equipment facilities.
Do you risk your life taking sex stimulents? Or are you taking a risk?
There is no doubt that major drug shortages will effect the populace in many ways from prescribed medication to performing surgeries.
The fantastic and outlandish joys of a fare who needs his "medicine."
Complete guidance on pharmacy career. This article is consisting of pharmacy education, licensing and job outlook.
According to a report issued by the Center for Disease Control, smoking causes 480,000 deaths annually in the United States. The Surgeon General of the United States reports that 16 million American suffers at least one disease caused by smoking, and nine out of ten cases of lung canc...
Not all seeing is believing but when things vanish into thin air, one can't help but to think that there is more than meets the human eye.
Most of the expired or unused medication will remain in your medicine cabinet which has many dangers in itself. You may never know who will come across your old medication and swallow it without your knowledge especially if you live with other people or even have kids around.
Asthma can kill. Six years ago a man died because of negligence. A doctor was accounted for such action but it was never his fault. This is an incident considering the importance of every minute in a man’s life. Time is precious, waste not.
A basic overview of the duties and functions of a pharmacy technician
All medicines have side effects including antihistamines even though they are amongst the safest medication to take; older antihistamines will make you lethargic to the point of drowsiness wobbling into sleepy danger, and has harmful effect on driving, or task that requires keen alert...
A criticism on working class of scientists who work for pharmacy corporatism
Are you taking too many Meds? Find out with the following five signs that I have listed below.
No one else can lessen our influence as we ourselves can lessen it through the indulgence of uncontrollable temper.
Boots the pharmacy is a British institution, widely trusted and respected. However, they've decided to sell homeopathic remedies, a saddening choice. Join my campaign for truth and science, by replacing point-of-sale information with my own flyers detailing the facts about homeopathy.
This article discusses items you should consider before purchasing prescription drugs online.
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