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My random thoughts, reflections, observations, opinions, or expressions...all from the heart alone.
I used to think going gaga over something is just a temporary feeling. But I was wrong.
Election fever hits the Philippines like a regular super typhoon hit its land. The last two Presidential Election as usual have colorful personalities befits "life imitating art" subscribing to Aristotelian mimesis and modern satire.
A postscript analysis of a Senator hubris, braggadocio, discipline and protection from the law.
A quick diagnosis on controversial answer of Philippines Presidentiable Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte in the telecast Debate.
Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc of The Philippines leading broadsheet daily pass away. She was known to topple two presidency that of late Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Ejercito Estrada through her tireless pursuit of truth and journalism integrity.
Pork Adobo is pork cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic. Adobo can also vary from the conventional one to the sweet one depending on the preference of the one cooking.
A chance encounter between an Englishman and an old Filipino man on a beach reveals the real impact of a typhoon.
Retiring to a foreign country for any westerner needs careful research. However there are things that still come as a culture shock no matter how much research is done. Noise in the Philippines is probably never even though about by most retirees.
Flowers everywhere - as we rediscover the beauty of Baguio City.
I do believe, the land of my birth is worth hoping for. Like a prizefighter, trying to rise up from a fall caused by a heavy blow. I’ll stand up. I’ll not give up on her. I’ll do my share.
It is so surprising to see a precious statue in the middle of the mountain.
I want to share to everyone one of the tourist attraction in the Philippines and one of the best beaches in the world.
One victim of Human Trafficking was asked after rescuing about their stranded life. He said that they were facing a lot of problems including the hike of food. They sometimes need to have others' urine to remain alive. In this modern world, is it acceptable? I have some questions towa...
I want to share a thing or two about our country the Philippines, I hope you like it.
A place that can never be replaced. it is the place like home for everyone.
Be ready to be Filipinized... and try to embrace our cool and unique characteristics
See the wonders of nature and explore the other side of the world. Uncharted territories will definitely astound you and bring you to paradise
The latest news on the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos killed in the Southern Philippines clash with Moro rebels last Sunday.
A honeymoon gate away in Northern Philippines turn into food documentation and gastronomic adventure.
An up-close and personal experience in cooking one national recipe from my native Philippines.
When the Pacific War began in 1941, Japanese troops moved into the Philippines swiftly after the Pearl Harbor airstrike. This was just one of the targets that they had pinpointed in the Pacific. The Philippines was a potential source of oil, which was in increasingly short supply for ...
The 'Plague on Society' is a fictional story from the rabid followers of our online publications. A contemporary story of worker 'due to including arresting our fellow addicted to illicit drugs, as more known as' Drugs'. Also for our compatriots 'directing' its minor weak and easy bea...
A brief look at a year in the life of Gracia and Martin Burnham, missionaries to the Philippines. They were among the hostages taken by Abu Sayyaf and held hostage in the Philippine jungles for over a year. Her book tells of that ordeal. This review was originally published in the Boo...
Dispatched to a God-forsaken island to accomplish a certain mission, this man did herculean tasks few mortals can match. He exemplifies obedience, courage, bravery, dependence, heroism, patriotism, loyalty, and a character of steel. Read on to know more of him.
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