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My Philosophy my views take them with a pinch of salt if you wish to..This is my way of modern thought Hope you will give me the freedom of thought Thanks all.
Nothing is wasted in the creative process. We all have a role to play and come with an inner knowing. The immense choices and challenges test our resolve and mettle right till we leave this blessed place. If where we find ourselves was predetermined, where we go should also be likewis...
A metaphor indeed is this of how we sail on a ship through life filled with fools. Yet many of an ancient time philosophized on this and left much for us to study. Now many people disregard the past not realizing there is much wisdom to be culled. They are the ones caught up in de...
The power of a mantra itself is the power of the mind which in turn is the power of one’s thoughts.
Looks at how love can capture the heart, and how it feels to be totally in love. It describes the chemistry that exists between two people that are meant for each other and often spell-bind each other.
Ever stared a blank page in the face and decided it was worth the challenge? Ideas seem the currency of the writer, yet where do we get ideas from? Often it is the world around us that inspires, it causes the poet to write of its beauty and the philosopher to write about its wrongs, b...
We have less time to reflect on the values that held us together as we race ahead in Science and Technology. But basic values are eternal and we ignore them at our peril. Human species is the most vulnerable and we depend on fine balance to survive.
Mahatma Gandhi - Father of the Nation (India) said some great things, that even today are etched in people's minds and hearts. Though most of things are practiced till date, there are somethings that he has said, which doesn't fit in, in 21st Century. A satire is what this write is.
These few lines are an attempt from my side to somehow express that how and why a pain and grief laden person sometimes bring those pearls of noble thoughts and expressions.
The opposite of “Things” is “Nothing.” Valued by ascetics, philosophers, writers and small bears, nothing may be even worth less that it is purported to be.
This is a poem I wrote describing metaphorically my perspective on several subjects.
A poem about the daily comings and goings in life and how many things can ultimately break us.
A philosophical poem regarding life, it's meaning and the roads we choose to take.
A spiritual poem regarding what may come in the afterlife.
These individuals made some remarkable contributions in the science of biology. There are still other people who made some contribution that eventually brought the development on this field of science.
Man has always been in pursuit of happiness. It has taken different dimensions in different ages. The concepts of happiness in history can be summarized in seven different equations in different ages.
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