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The philosophy of man & woman being born as earth soul mate companions.
Everything is life can be seen in one of two ways; there's the man-made perspective, this is how we come to perceive everything in life the way in which we do due to general &/or popular opinion within our society (from something physical such as how a table is used to display objects...
Whither I go, whatever sees me, I may run away and I may not.
All life is a SINE CURVE. Every one's life has ups and downs ...some love you others only CLOWN .. so maintain your sine curve the year around
This article explores 'ignorance' and 'intolerance' towards others from different angles of society.
This will be an article discussing identity and how we see it as people.
This is an article about keeping true to your agenda and following them through for people to see. It also has a section about being self-aware as well as being aware of the differences in circumstances others face.
Here only I help all of them to tease me it's not my folly but my way with the world to bring life in those, gals and guys
An attempt to reflect the nuances of a thinker, and how he reach to a Virtue.
My attempt at poetically describing the birth of myths.
The poem describes the importance of having clarity with respect to setting a goal, knowing the purpose, and the means of attaining the goal.
My Philosophy my views take them with a pinch of salt if you wish to..This is my way of modern thought Hope you will give me the freedom of thought Thanks all.
This is a story that requires only that you sit back, relax and read. A commentary follows and I welcome all opinions. Enjoy!
I have written a short story that is almost allegoric in nature. It was enjoyable to write, but thought-provoking and controversial. Read on!
We invest for the future spending hours planning how we are going to invest, what we are going to invest and what will be the returns in the near future. We consult financial experts, check out the web, ask friends and relations for advice and make sure we research thoroughly before w...
Poetic Vibes..What really is poetry..Some are read others aren't and many want to use you as a steping board off a swimming pool just decry shout loud I am the best
We see a lot of stuff being presented as fact these days because "a consensus of scientists thinks it is probably right." When we think of how many great advances have resulted from the work / thinking of people who did not have a university degree in a related subject, we understand ...
It is all good, because everyone wants to ultimately benefit themselves, even the worst of us. That is why nothing will truly destroy itself. It will all just cough up, spit and go on "trucking" and moving on through the march of history.
The sages and thinkers of the Upanishads claim that the ultimate truth is that there is just one Supreme Soul or Paramatman which is present everywhere and in everything
If you have ever been dumped, you know that the days following the initial break up can be rough. How you normally would act can be altered just by being dumped.
these once again are the up comings for each sign for the month of August. not designed for you to live by but for you to check out. Go to Steve Kinsman if you want a really detailed reading on your life...he is one of the best astrologers i know.
The philosophy of the Tao is all about balance. The Yin and Yang represent, male and female which are polar opposites.
This article is an Introspective look at our significance as a human race.
A discussion of Rousseau's understanding of self-knowledge and its importance for human life and education.
An essay written on a possible conception of progress and how it can be used to gauge the relative success of a society.
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