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The sun always rises in the east, And sets in the west. He awakes all of us in the morning, And ask all of us to settle down in the evening.
Good Things will come to You When you see good things, When you think good thoughts, When you say good words, When you do good works,
When you make your heart, mind and soul pure, You'll become a true devotee of Almighty God.
We search Him everywhere, But we forget to search Him in our own heart. We can't find Him anywhere.
This page is all about who a philosopher is. The intention of this is would enable a learner to understand and know how philosophers think and deal with certain matters.
Looks at how love can capture the heart, and how it feels to be totally in love. It describes the chemistry that exists between two people that are meant for each other and often spell-bind each other.
You do not have to be an Olympic sports person to go for gold. Aim to be a winner in every aspect of your life.
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