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I'm having my sweet beauty rest at night. Suddenly Mother bursts into the room, all worried. "What is wrong, Marzeus?", she asks. "What's wrong with what now?", I ask her, still half asleep. "You rang me", she says.
Harmless civilians in India find that their phone calls, smses are diverted to strangers and cheaters without a court order making it impossible to communicate with anyone or earn a fair living.
With the workplace getting less office-based and slightly dependent on freelancers, conducting conference calls is starting to get vogue. This means exploring other options for quality conference calls other than Skype.
Everyone you speak to on your way to the 'decision maker' is important. You will learn to write down the names of the people you speak to on the way to your decision maker and be on your way to connecting and developing a relationship with them. Teleconnecting is a set of skills and...
'Teleconnecting' is the name that has been given to a specific set of skills and concepts, forms and formulas for effectively measuring customer satisfaction over the phone while placing an exclamation mark on your customer's decision to do business with you. These skills are also ef...
You must read this article if you are a smartphone fan.
Telemarketing is fun when you have the right attitude, respect your respondent, speak clearly and slowly, deliver a good script, and regardless of the response you get - keep picking up the phone.
Like Skype, Tango Application offers free voice and audio calls for PC, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Android phones and tablets.
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