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Some predict a type of smart-chip, which reads the host's music taste and surrounding, can automatically choose and play songs, of which the host is best fond at the given moment.
This is a line drawn to connect the dots of human evolution . technology, comfort and how it all has changed us as individuals.
All but one of my sites I have written are on my profile. But as promised told you I would mention here any difference. I now write on Triond under Scoobydoo01
A succinct review of the Nexus 5 one year after release. This article will go over how the device performs, how it has held up over time, and what its future looks like.
There´re far too many gadgets to connect to the Internet every day worldwide. therefore, we can expect more outages to happen as I read on the newspaper today.
'Teleconnecting' is the name that has been given to a specific set of skills and concepts, forms and formulas for effectively measuring customer satisfaction over the phone while placing an exclamation mark on your customer's decision to do business with you. These skills are also ef...
This will be an informative piece through my personal experience with friends, relatives and myself on spying on your partner. It will seem as if by spying it would all be positive for you will either get information for staying or leaving the relationship. Along with spying you can h...
This article is about the Disadvantages of Mobile Phones.
A telecommunications expert has said that for phones to be ringing, it would have to be switched on, not in water, battery charged and located near a mobile cell site
Here are some ways to increase the speed of that Android phone you use.
We often hear people complaining about teenagers and kids being selfish and ungrateful. If so, whose fault is that? I think perhaps previous generations failed to teach them gratitude along the way.
Some of the phones that I've owned or have used in the past that I consider the best.
It's amazing how far people will go when it comes to food.
This article will explain to you a funny idea about the phones existing in the world of technology.
New phone, social etiquette & facebook. How technology is weirdly effecting our lives and what it will mean for our future generations
Yes one can see how the dependence on technology is growing every day.
Bring back the phone booth - but a booth where people on their cell phones could duck into to have their private conversations.
Find out how - An RKE Enabled Car can be Unlocked Without its Key Around in its range
Today a lot of people are ending their services for land phones in their home and just getting by by using cell phones, not only for outside use, but for making phone calls in their homes.
Sagem Mobile Company. Review of Sagem the worst mobile company to exist
A while ago I wrote an article relating to my experiences 24 hours after acquiring my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, Android based phone. Despite a few glitches I would have to say that overall the experiences has been very positive. This article brings those thoughts up to date, with al...
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