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Soil nutrition determines growth potential in any area. If the soil is rich in nutrients, the growth of plants is abundant. The grouping of fertilizers that help enrich the soil is done according to their chemical composition. Each nutrient has a different role to play in growth of pl...
Our body requires essential minerals phosphorus and potassium in addition to vitamin for various body functions. Fruits supply more than our daily requirement. We must eat fruits daily.
Your garden scheme tells you how good your life is – even those who are hard pressed for time find the odd minute or two to dead head flowers and pull out those stray weeds while waiting for a friend to turn up If you turn the throttle all the way up, compost heaps and fertilizers a...
Nutritional Value of Horseradish. Horseradish has a high nutritional value. Chemicals found in horseradish is known to kill certain bacteria.
Plans are afoot to create a million UK ponds, in an effort to protect many endangered species.
This article is meant to opening our eyes to see how delicate and sensitive the infant's skin is and that is why they respond rapidly to any discomfort or stimuli experienced.
In as much as the animal foodstuffs which include meat, fish, eggs, milk and its preparations could be easy reservoirs for microorganisms which could cause infection, they could serve as very good food supplements not just for consumption but as well prophylaxis and treatment therapy ...
Phosphorus is an esential mineral for the growth and maintenance of the body. Though phosphorus that makes up 1% of a person's total body weight is present in every cell of the body, is mainly found in the bones and teeth.
Potassium is also essential for the development of the roots as well as the development of other underground tissues.
The Crimini (or button) mushroom, an unsung hero of the Superfood world. Pound for pound, this must surely be one of the most nutritious and underrated foods on the planet!
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