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Working with textures in Photoshop can open many doors into your imagination and can improve and change uninteresting shots dramatically. A photo can go from boring to better with a little creativity.
You have this big empty wall in your house and you so badly want something unique and valuable to hang on it. Something that will draw attention, make you feel good and make a great topic for conversation. A beautiful photo or painting that will show your personality and your good ta...
If you want to create something like a piece of art or a photograph, here's a challenge for you!
My photo challenge number 9 is «spotlight». You can make the spotlight yourself or wait for Mother Nature's help.
I love words,,, so often they light up my soul and passion shines through. I also want to dedicate this to Joe Cocker...he came forward at a great time of change when he and others like him were able to help transform the world..
The Joseph Byron photos, is considered as one of the world's first "Selfie" practice. "Selfie" or take pictures with his own hands that often do today's society has actually been done by people in ancient times. Even more than about a hundred years ago.
A new Selfie trend from Canada brings not only the photographer before the lens, but also a grizzly or brown bear.
Users of "Windows XP" will remember the distinctive wallpaper mountains with green grass fields. The hallmark of the popular operating system that turns taken by Charles O'Rear, and he regretted having sold it out to Microsoft cooperation.
Have you ever wondered want your role is supposed to be as a wedding guest?
Plymouth UK and the national firework championships during August which I'm looking forward to with being a photographer
Black and white photos are making a huge comeback and photographers around the world are banking upon this mode for creating spectacular images. Despite being devoid of color, these images are timeless pieces of beauty in their own mystifying sense.
A photographer utilised the opportunity of the temperature to take beautiful pictures with the help of her son.
What is it that makes a painting or photo great? It's quite simple.......
Just a little over 4 years ago I started to take photos and post them online which changed my life because now I'm a photographer
Number eight on my photo challenge list is «reflections». You can find them everywhere if you look.
Another challenge for you creative people. What can you do with circles. Take a look here and see if this can help you get out of a "creator's block"!
Mingle with the right people when you try to pursue your dream.
The color red should give you enough to work with if you're looking for something inspiring for your next creative project whether you're a painter, writer or photographer. Join me on my tour through creative assignments!
Are you a creative person who sometimes feels stuck and don’t know what to create? Take on this challenge! Challenge number 3 is “TIME”.
Snaps which have been taken by a pseudo photographer.But someone who saw some of my snaps ,wouldn't believe i had taken the snap.Well I said, I hadn't auto camera did .
A little processing of my process of processing images.... Oh my!
My ventures as a stock photographer have opened up a new opportunity for me to sell my images. I am quite honored to be a part of StudentStock!
Qaman Hashim is 8 years boy, he is living with his parents in Bhagdad of Iraq. He became a national VIP for his photography abilities
An French girl born in Africa have lot of wild life friends in Forests, because she does not have any kids to make friendship
Just want to show you pictures through my eyes.This post will be a little more personal about me so i hope you enjoy!!!
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