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Working with textures in Photoshop can open many doors into your imagination and can improve and change uninteresting shots dramatically. A photo can go from boring to better with a little creativity.
The speed of light is one of the fundamental constants in physics, but scientists at the University of Glasgow this week announced that they have managed to find a way to slow light in free space, something that has never been achieved before. Scottish physician has successfully slow ...
Oops... There is a surprising discovery! That people Who likes to Show off photos selfie is A Psychopath. Self-objectification called to. The objectification theory as a framework, the contributors address various aspects of the theory, including evidence for and causes of self-object...
This article will tell you how you can use the art of photography to capture a moment in time and express yourself.
The Joseph Byron photos, is considered as one of the world's first "Selfie" practice. "Selfie" or take pictures with his own hands that often do today's society has actually been done by people in ancient times. Even more than about a hundred years ago.
A new Selfie trend from Canada brings not only the photographer before the lens, but also a grizzly or brown bear.
Another challenge for you creative people. What can you do with circles. Take a look here and see if this can help you get out of a "creator's block"!
Are you a creative person who sometimes feels stuck and don’t know what to create? Take on this challenge! Challenge number 3 is “TIME”.
Learn the secrets of taking a picture at night, and make your photographs shine!!
This article is about taking professional photos from a professional photographer.
This page is about photography.. With this new tech equipment photography seems to be more fun with a lot of enjoyment.
A Quick Guide for creating a Quick Effective Pattern from any HQ Firework Image which can be used as a Background for Writing and Presentations
It is important that you build a good network for yourself and establish yourself as a press photographer in your area so that you can be able to get more work coming your way.
This article describes the difference between Editorial and Commercial Stock Photography for photographers looking to sell their images as stock photography.
Easy steps to becoming a freelance photographer. Live out your dream of earning a living for your photographic skills and talents. Freelance Photography can earn a person a great living!
Picture Books are a great way to promote your photography business. Show off those pictures you have captured with your camera.
Your primary goal is to select a type of photography that will support the lifestyle that you want for yourself and your family and will allow you to satisfy your clients needs and desires. Remember what John Paul Getty said, “In order to get what you want, you have to help others g...
My father in-law loved to say, “Find a job that you love to do, and you will never work another day in your life.” He loved to play golf and turned his recreation into a “JOB” by becoming a golf pro. He had the talent. He never worked another day in his life. You love to take ...
I have belonged to a half dozen photography clubs for over thirty years. One of the questions that I am asked most often by new members is, “How can I make money with my camera?” I was asked that question so often that I developed a club brochure on the subject and this article ar...
Most digital cameras below professional grade DSLRs come with a digital zoom feature. For the longest time, those specifications were placed prominently in the manufacturers' literature. On paper, those specifications looked terrific. Today, camera manufacturers never mention the dig...
If you post your pictures online, you should watermark then to protect them from being used by others without your permission.
You can take first dance photos that really stand out from the crowd. It is easy, just follow these seven easy steps
Try something new, become a spelunker, and record your subterranean adventures with your digital camera. Spelunking is an exciting hobby. I have even known some people who have overcome claustrophobia by taking up spelunking.
Digital camera sensors do not have the dynamic range that the film has. The digital camera sensor is getting better every day, but they still cannot detect and record the full spectrum of colors as film does. Digital can now come close, but it still cannot match film in this aspect. D...
This is far from being an exhaustive study of party photography, but these tips will get one started off on the right foot. This is an overview of party photography and the advice given here can be applied to all types of parties.
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