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This is a page of concern for all, in order that less harm is inflicted on our environment for sustainable development to be achieved.
A good fiscal and physical plan of Vocational and Technical Education will lead to the achievement of VTE objectives stated in the national policy on education.
Many people want to be writers but they put off the idea of writing. If anyone wants to write, they must first try writing something and increase the effort slowly until they can do it with ease. It is never late for a person to start creative writing as a profession. It depends and...
There are violent conflicts between states. All this happens due to moral decadence and breakdown of human values because nature of mind changes the world. In other words, man-made disasters, some other forms of natural disasters also occur due to human mental pollution. Inner peace...
Ethics is somehow related to Religion. It was being considered that among the several social aspects of human humans, Ethics and Religion have the closest relation. Ethics and Religion have both based on the same postulates. Ethics and religion both have the same purpose or ends as we...
What exactly is an ideal school? - This article discusses what makes an ideal school
This article will provide you with the basic understanding of the different factors that promote healthy lifestyle.
Encouraging physical development in early childhood is extremely important. This article provides information on early child development.
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