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Professor Toorneef gives his very last lecture at the university, but he also has a surprize proposition for Jakstein, his brightest student.
The concept of “time” is a weird one, and the world of quantum physics is even weirder.
Have you noticed cobwebs attached to the ceiling of your house? Or cobwebs that you find on the home page?
Knowledge is nothing but collection of thought.knowledge is Most important thing in this world and it should be disseminated through proper channel so other can use it and make benefits from it.
Basically, the pattern of this calculation is a part of the Physics analysis theory in terms, but it is applied for the pattern of Mathematically calculations, and then this also used in order to determine and detecting the distance of "FLASH OF LIGHTING" in the position where we are.
Many of us considered the subject Physics as one of the subjects that tires our neurons. I always hear my students saying “OMG, Physics again..” which really shows their hatred about this subject.
I was scanning through my old files, when I found a long lost masterpiece of mine. Just kidding :) However, I do consider my writing a valuable possession.
The pump-down controller will automatically cycle your pump to keep your tank filled.
The property of a body by virtue of which it attract or repel. example-small piece of paper,straw etc
Astrology is a science, though hard boiled scientists do not recognize it as such. It is a science that lays great stress on interpretation and knowledge
So what if science came up with something that turns upside down everything we thought we knew about the nature of the universe. Well it has, twenty years ago. Quantum entanglements, non - separability, oneness, once it enters the public perception we will suddenly have to see ourselv...
Einsteins special theory created a fundamental constant , the speed of light. Latest research shows that that this constant can be breached
No one sounds the same to themselves as they sound to anyone else. Sound, like so many other things in life, is a predictably and consistently subjective experience.
An Iambic pentameter poem against excessive alcohol consumption. I involve Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy that combine to an ethical result.
In this article I will go over ECG's, what they are and how they work.
Whether mythological or real the Christmas star is a good place to start to learn more about what is known about stars. While theories about the Christmas star abound and most seem quite spurious, the science behind the origins of stars, as explained here, is reasonably solid.
Logic, reasoning, tactics etc. used in various types of chess problems may help someone to solve problems in mathematics and physics, including spooky of light and Schrodinger’s cat. This is a brief note on self-mate.
In this article you will see my general views about "Saying Higgs Boson a God particle is right or it's just a media hype ?"
Sir CV Raman proposed that a beam of light travelling through a medium is scattered by the molecules
A few thoughts about human perception, as seen through ordinary eyes
Grand teachings, by Leroy Walker , that you will have to see for your self. This article is mainly about what Mr. Leroy Walker calls the Dowel Pulse, of All living Human Beings; That if recognized by an individual, separated, as well as re-organized, with the self discipline, of such ...
Michael Faraday changed the way we think of electricity and its possible applications. This biography looks at the man behind the reputation.
Another theory is the Pulsating theory. This theory believes that the stars as they are constantly gave of heat light and radiation; could be burned-out or will collapse and turn into black holes until such time that the energy in space will fade.
Different materials have different reactions to magnets. Some materials can resist magnetic attraction, they are called diamagnetic (magnetic across in Greek). Examples of these materials are Bismuth and Antimony.
When every last person on earth realizes the we are all one, peace will finally reign.
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