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A Piano is a wonderful investment. Not only can a piano provide beautiful music for years to come but it also becomes a part of the family. Pianos are commonly centerpieces at parties, gathering places for curious children and heirlooms passed from one generation to the next.
Well for a while now I've been trying to find the time to clean the piano in Lordly House, that the rats have gotten into and not only played, but all but destroyed. So, it being Saturday, I decided I'm going to act like a normal person for whom the weekend means time away from work...
This morning I come into Lordly House. Ah, such a lovely place this is... beautiful calming furniture, atmosphere of royalty, piano playing by itself... PIANO PLAYING BY ITSELF??? WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
On Sunday I went to the Stables at Milton Keynes to a Gareth Gates gig. As I knew he was going to be on voice rest after that, it would be extra special. Read on to find out how it went.
The land of piano in the South East Asia. Where is it?
Do you think your day is busy? Well, wait until you learn what Kevin Sweefarend all has to fit in into a morning! Fortunately, he does have help from Sekretarisbot. That's his robot secretary he built himself. Yes, he's very smart.
Kevin suddenly hears piano music. It's Mom at her piano. He knows her sound so well. How he has missed her playing! If he has ever heard it before. Has he? He must have!
Persons adept at feeling strange energies and vibrations, let alone a telepath of the highest degree, cannot help but cross the barriers of the unknown. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
I always say when you are stuck for something to write, just write, so many times I have sat at the laptop and started typing out what I was thinking at that very moment, and before I knew it, I had a story
Research and practical experience show that playing the piano is possible at any age. Learn some interesting facts about musical training in this article.
This ode is to the girl who beat me to my dream first, Alicia Keys. I know it takes hard work and dedication something I had a lack thereof but I'm glad your there showcasing your talent to inspire young girls everywhere. You go Girl!
Selections to remember for recitals for kids and adults of all ages. Enjoy a wide variety of classics to perform during the holidays and at church folks will adore.
Images of Cotton Plantations is a poem about Louisiana cotton plantations in the history of Louisiana. Nature poetry.
After a hard day's work, do yourself a little favour and listen to some smooth jazz.
Kevin has just entered what he believes is his house. He suddenly hears piano music start playing, and he goes into that direction. He comes into a living room. On the other side of it, he can see someone sitting by a piano. He walks closer.
If you like noise and things falling over, you will love the latest clip from EENDAG I uploaded online.
The toy piano, much like that of the little red tricycle, will forever be an icon of childhood for many years to come.
The difference between a grand piano and a digital piano really depends on who you are at the end of the day.
This is a story of my piano lessons, how I started my business, how I would change things to start my piano lesson business again and what I learned.
Yeah baby! I’m a componist now! The piano and I are like this! (close to each other).
what are friends ? are they your belliefs? your prayers? your god or more than that?
My mom chose the piano for me. I never rebel enough to get rid of this grotesque monster that has my 7 years of teenage lives trapped. But one night, one stormy night changed my views towards the piano and made me realize that there was something magical about it that I've never notic...
When a great piece of classic music remains unknown to the music lovers I suffer just as much as I suffer when the wrong person or the wrong country gets accredited for a huge success.
George Fredericc Handel was a German-born English composer from late Baroque period while also known as a classical composer in England.
It is in the past generation it is the quality that ruled the business. However in the present scenario it is the competition that determines almost everything. Yes, let that be the progress or the protection of a company all that will be proportional to their ability in facing the co...
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