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Sometimes you go to a potluck dinner and people are just not gracious. They want to hang onto their own wine or food, ignoring or not knowing, that everything is being brought to share.
We've lived many events that can make interesting stories if we think back .
They played a few songs before they dropped the Ho Hey bomb. As soon as they did, cellphones (including mine) and cameras shot into air. They sang the first verse and then suddenly stopped just as the chorus was about to start. Wesley Schultz asked everyone to put any electronic de...
More than packing what you need during the journey and immediately after the arrival, suitcases are also stylish nowadays that reflect the taste of the owner. A brief look at various type of your 'Luggage'
Felipe completes his first year of school and develops a love for books and reading.
The Brown Mountain Lights have been a hot topic of debate since the mid 1700s when early travelers started noticing strange events, and lights that appear along the ridges of the mountain quite regularly. These ghostly lights have just enough presence about them that they can be witne...
The picnic days of youth, what fond and special memories they hold within the mirrors of yesterday.
Who wants to have lunch or supper at home when it may be more enjoyable to go on an spontaneous picnic whether urban or rural?
For years we would go to a nearby town to celebrate the July 4th festivities. There was so much food, games, beautiful parade and fun for everyone.
My Aunt is having a picnic and many words sound alike but are spelled differently, can you find them?
This is about our picnic today for the Adult Basic Education Priogram of Wood County West Virginia and also about the graduation of my son at McKinley Elementary School in Parkersburg West Virginia.
The Start of another set of adventures for Dolly and David Those two lovable Ducks.
Have you ever spent some time beside a dry river? I have often sat beside one and heard it speak to me.
In the 1950's there were so many selections of sweets it was hard to decide what to buy. A young lad with a shilling in his pocket cannot make up his mind.
There is Tree top restaurant in Thailand which is located in Soneva Kiri resort of Koh Kood Island.
We all have an alternate personality, mine has a name. Meet Constance Payne, so taken because this is what my mother called me as her pet name.
This article is about community events and incidents which gives more fun and enjoyment
It's almost Summer in the United States. It's time to go outdoor and enjoy the sun. There are many family-oriented community activities that everyone will enjoy. This article will give you some suggestions on what to do and where to go. I hope this will help you choose and decide.
A poem about being on a quiet beach and the shame people should have in spoiling them.
Port Grimaud à Le Grand Croix, St-Étienne via les Gorges du Loire - We travelled from Les Prairies de la Mer on the Côte d'Azur to St-Étienne, situated in the Massif-Central area of France, calling in at villages and amazing landscapes of the Gorges de la Loire on the way
Aix en Provence aux Les Prairies de la Mer, Port Grimaud, La Côte d'Azur. On the fourth day of our grand French road trip, we take a look at Aix en Provence in the Rhône-Alpes region and travel to Port Grimaud on the Côte d'Azur.
This is a short poem about the destinations of food gifts provided by Mother-Nature.
Its Dollys first Bar-B-Q,and something always happens when Dolly is around, find out what happens, and if she likes Bar-B-Qs or not.
Yet another Dolly Ducktail bedtime story, this time Dolly and David go on a trip to the seaside, but there are dangers, now read on to see what happens.
Here is a list of recreational activities that are either free or low cost. Some of these activities are family oriented while others are only for teens or adults.
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