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Pills are for all kinds how to make kids or kill preoccurrence so read on still add information you may need all of it as and when
Ayurveda medicines are characteristic and healthier than weight reduction pills or accident diets. Ayurveda master, Dr. Rohit Sane, Chairman & Managing Director of the Sane Care Group offers with us, some ayurveda medicines for weight reduction.
A big drug rocket was seized in Mexico, this is the worlds biggest busted drug rocket. Millions of dolalrs, pesos and Euros were seized inclusing vehicles, weapons, antique animals and villa.
So this is a quick poem I wrote on taking medication, in this case anti-depressants. In some cases it is needed to balance out the hormones in the brain and make life easier to deal with, however after a while it feels like you are dependent on them, which in turn can really get a per...
Two different aunts: one of them loved cooking and didn't mind doing it. The other has always thought this as a nuisance that she'd be pleased to feed herself with pills.
Remembering some old tricks to help the medicine go down...
I watched the film about Natalie Wood, entitled "The Mystery of Natalie Wood". It was both absorbing and enlightening, and not all all what I was expecting. Read on to find out more.
This is a short poem, about an "ungrateful guest".
Travel can be fun, but travel with asthma can also be risky for the people with severe symptoms. However, travelling safely with asthma still can be possible, if you get well-prepared:
How an affordable plastic container that stores multi-medicines weekly can reduce inconvenience for patients, particularly the elderly folk.
words of truth what goes on in most nursing home,
It is now quite clearly that we seem to depend on medication to take care of all ills.
Surviving everyday pitfalls and developing useful strategies
Birth control pills contain estrogen, which, as a side effect, cause the breasts to retain water. But this is not true breast enlargement.
Headaches are bothersome, here's another option rather than taking pills.
Your hormones play a major role in deciding whether your skin can get acne or not. What are the most significant hormones in our bodies and how do they decide our skin’s health? This can be of great importance for females, as they have to go through a monthly cycle in which hormonal...
Diet pills are big business and popular with people wanting to lose weight, but are they really a good idea? Read the pros and cons...
My take on the wrongful and harmful uses of anti psychotics and antidepressant medications with our children. In this piece The truth behind medications is revealed and a new standard for medicating is addressed.
Finally feeling normal now... How long for though??
Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the pill this talks about how it has affected social ways
This poem is about the land of opposites. Please take a tour.
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