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Air travel, where we place our lives in the hands of experienced and safety conscious flight captains,or are they?... Read on to find out more.
November is aviation history month and what better way to celebrate women’s issues than to read about the most famous woman aviator in history.
One of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time is the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. I will present the theories of her whereabouts and final resting place in the next series of articles.
On May 26, 2014, Americans and people around the world will celebrate Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a day we honor all our veterans and those in military service. Though author Gillian Chan is Canadian born, the efforts of her book, _A Foreign Field_, are very appropriate Memorial Day...
Family and relatives of both Malaysia Airlines pilots who lost their defense, after being investigated by police.
The duty pilots of UK airlines are asleep in the cockpit while the flight is in the air while they are in duty.
Pilots are now very careful about their weight. Weight reduction advice varies from case to case depending upon the individual requirements. Since the flying profession requires maximum mental alertness, the aircrew needs to follow special weight reduction programmes.
The causes of fatigue are multiple; they may be physical, mental or a combination of both. The common causes are as follows: Physical Agents like: Cold, Vibration, Glare, Noise, Wind, Acceleration, Change of atmospheric pressure and Hypoxia. Others are Emotional Factors like: Boredom,...
This is a poem about a boat called "Pride of Inchkeith"
Flying an aircraft demands skill and presence of mind. Its a great way to spend any part of your life.
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